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⛔ Here’s how the Eurovision 2021 semifinal 2 non-qualifiers reacted

Qualifiers announcement is always a super nerve-wracking and tense moment. No one can know for sure if their Grand Final place is safe for sure or not so the emotions afterwards are truly indescribable. Still for some artists the show hadn’t finished the way they would love to

Here’s how the Eurovision 2021 Semifinal 2 non-qualifiers reacted on their social media accounts last night:


Currently Uku Suviste remains silent according to his official accounts on Instagram and Facebook. Last time he published a post on his Instagram page was before the semifinal 2. We can’t know if there is any reaction coming up from him but we respect any decision of the artist on this matter.

Czech Republic

After the semifinal results Benny Cristo posted 2 Instagram stories thanking everyone and also saying: “I’m super grateful. I will never forget this. And I might even come back in 3 years or something…”. Also a brief thank you post came later today.


Vincent Bueno went live after the semifinal and talked to everyone who was watching it about his feelings and thoughts on non-qualifying. Overall it took around 17 minutes.

Later Vincent also posted a message on his Instagram page to thank everyone and to reassure his fans he’s not disappointed about the results.


Rafal decided to address everyone with a bilingual message in Polish and English to thank his team, Eurovision organisation team and fans. “My beautiful adventure with Eurovision has come to an end” sounds like a really nice way to start it.


Tornike Kipiani is usually not so active on social media, especially Instagram. Currently there are no signs of any reaction from his side so far. Last time he posted something was the semifinal 2 live stream link on his Facebook page. We respect any decision of the artist on this matter.


Samanta Tina used this moment to express her gratitude to her team who came along in this Eurovision journey within a post in Latvian and English on her Instagram page.


Fyr og Flamme left a quite short Instagram post in Danish saying “Thank you for tonight everyone and see you at home”.

Did your favourite qualify last night? Let us know! Make sure you also check out our article with reactions from all qualifiers of the first semifinal at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021!

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