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πŸ‡³πŸ‡± Four competing entries for Junior Songfestival 2021 revealed

We will find out the winner very soon!

As Junior Eurovision approaches, some participating countries started to select their representatives already. For the Netherlands this year is not an exception. 4 entries will take part in the Junior Songfestival 2021 final on September so let’s have a look on them below!

This year 2 bands and 2 solo artists will compete to represent the Netherlands at the Junior Eurovision. As we already know, the contest will take place in Paris on December 19, 2021.

The Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS keeps us updated about the Junior Songfestival this year. The final show will take place this Saturday on September 25th. Jeangu Macrooy, Emma Heesters and Rolf Sanchez will become the professional jury, however, they won’t be alone in this. Last year’s winners Unity and former finalists Jackie & Janae and Robin are going to give the points to the acts on behalf of the children’s jury this year.

The Junior Songfestival official YouTube channel already has the lyrics videos for the entries as well as “getting to know” videos for all the finalists.

Ayana – Mata Sugu Aō Ne

Ayana’s entry stands out by mixing lyrics in Dutch, English and Japanese. You can listen to the entry and check the lyrics below!

Priscilla – Be Alright

Priscilla will perform “Be Alright”. The song was written by Willem Laseroms and Jermain van der Bogt. You can listen to the entry and check the lyrics below!

SH!NE – A Million Little Things

SH!NE is a trio of Jade, Lyova en Loïs as members. Robert Dorn wrote this song for them. You can listen to the entry and check the lyrics below!

MELODY – Niet wat vrienden doen

MELODY is a girlband of Angelina, Mirre, Soline, Ceder and Faye as members. Their song “Niet wat vrienden doen” (Not what friends do) was written by Julian Vahle, Jeroen Rietbergen, Maxine van Breukelen and Adriaan Philipse. You can listen to the entry and check the lyrics below!

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