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Full Vidbir 2022 voting results published

Kalush Orchestra received 45% of the overall televote.

Today, Ukrainian broadcaster UA:PBC have published the full detailed jury voting and televoting results for Vidbir 2022. This comes shortly after Kalush Orchestra were confirmed as the Ukrainian representatives for Eurovision 2022.

On February 12, Alina Pash was selected via the 50/50 combination of votes from both the televoters and the professional jury. The jury consisted of Jamala, Tina Karol and Yaroslav Lodigin. 

The televised results were as follows:

1Alina Pash“Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors8715
2Kalush Orchestra“Stefania”6814
2Wellboy“Nozzy Bossy”7613
4Barleben“Hear My Words”448
6Our Atlantic“Moia liubov”527
7Cloudless“All Be Alright”134
8Michael Soul“Demons”213

Full results

Today, Suspilne have published the full results of the selection, including the raw jury scores and televoting figures.

The jury votes were as follows:

DrawSongTina KarolJamalaYaroslav LodyhinTotalPoints
1“All Be Alright”31151
3“Moia liubov”456155
4“Hear My Words”572144
7“Nozzy Bossy”847197
8“Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”688228

And the televoting results were as follows:

1“All Be Alright”3,4104.81%4
3“Moia liubov”1,6052.27%2
4“Hear My Words”2,7403.87%3
7“Nozzy Bossy”5,6427.96%6
8“Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”19,53527.58%7

Ukraine at Eurovision 2022: So far

On February 12, Alina Pash won Vidbir 2022 with “Shadows Of Forgotten Ancestors”. However, her participation was suspended shortly after as authorities investigated a 2015 trip she made to Crimea. The following day, Alina withdrew in an impassioned social media post.

After Alina’s withdrawal, UA:PBC offered runners-up Kalush Orchestra the opportunity to take her place in Turin. On February 22, “Stefania” was confirmed as Ukraine’s entry for Eurovision 2022.

Ukraine will compete in the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. Kalush Orchestra are set to perform in the first half of the show on May 10th. 

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