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Alvan & Ahez win ‘C’est Vous Qui Décidez!’ with ‘Fulenn’!

This Saturday, it was France's turn to showcase their talent to the world, where they selected their Eurovision representative for 2022.

On Saturday evening, Europe enjoyed the second-last of the super Saturdays of the 2022 National Finals season with the second edition of ‘C’est Vous Qui Décidez’! After a lengthy night and a tense voting sequence, Alvan & Ahez were declared the winners, and Barbara Pravi’s successors!

Show Recap

‘C’est Vous Qui Décidez!’ was hosted by Stéphane Bern and Laurence Boccolini for the second year in a row. It was also broadcasted on France 2. The twelve artists performed in the following running order:

  1. SOA – “Seule’
  2. Joan – ‘Madame’
  3. Saam – ‘Il est où?’
  4. Elia – ‘Téléphone’
  5. Marius – ‘Les chansons d’amour’
  6. Hélène in Paris – ‘Paris mon amour’
  7. Joanna – ‘Navigateure’
  8. Alvan & Ahez – ‘Fulenn’
  9. Julia – ‘Chut’
  10. Cyprien Zeni – ‘Ma famille’
  11. Pauline Chagne – ‘Nuit Pauline’
  12. Elliott – ‘La tempête’

The jury panel consisted of 10 musical experts, consisting of five notable names from France and five internationals. Familiar faces to Eurovision fans in particular on this panel were Élodie Gossuin, France’s 2016-2018 Eurovision spokesperson, and Gjon’s Tears, Switzerland’s 2020 and 2021 representative.

‘C’est Vous Qui Décidez!’ Results

The format of the 2022 French National Final was very similar to the 2021 edition, and was split into three rounds.

First round

In the first round, the public chose their favourite five acts to go through to the Super-Final. In order, these acts were as follows:

  1. Marius – ‘Les chansons d’amour’
  2. Alvan & Ahez – ‘Fulenn’
  3. Elliott – ‘La tempête’
  4. Pauline Chagne – ‘Nuit Pauline’
  5. SOA – “Seule’

Second round

In the second round, the jury panel chose a wildcard to join the five acts in the Super-Final. The lucky recipient of the wildcard was Cyprien Zeni with ‘Ma famille’.

Third round: Super-Final!

More akin to many national finals, the Super-Final was decided by an equal weighting of jury and public voting (50% each). Each of the jury members revealed their sets of points separately. The range of points given was quite diverse, which made for a very nail-biting results sequence. Ultimately, Alvan & Ahez won the jury vote by 22 points, with Marius coming in second. After a very tense announcement of the public votes, Alvan & Ahez also came out on top with a total of 120 televote points, with Pauline coming in second with 100 points. Alvan & Ahez were ceremoniously declared the winner of ‘C’est Vous Qui Décidez!’ and France’s representatives at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy!

Super-Final Results Breakdown

PlaceArtist & SongJury TelevoteTotal
1Alvan & Ahez – ‘Fulenn’102120222
2Pauline Chagne – ‘Nuit Pauline’72100172
3SOA – “Seule’6080140
4Marius – ‘Les chansons d’amour’8040120
5Cyprien Zeni – ‘Ma famille’742094
6Elliott – ‘La tempête’326092
Source: France Télévisions

Alvan & Ahez’s winning performance

Since France is a member of the renowned “Big Five” at Eurovision, Alvan & Ahez will automatically qualify for the Grand Final, set to be held on 14 May 2022. Even though they are not participating in the semi-finals, it was announced in January that France will vote in the first semi-final of the contest. Check out their performance of “Fulenn” below!

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