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Executive supervisor Martin Österdahl: “We try to help Ukraine as much as possible”

Their participation at Eurovision 2022 is confirmed

The executive supervisor of Eurovision Song Contest, Martin Österdahl, and the executive producers of the 2022 contest, Simona Martorelli and Claudio Fasulo have confirmed that Ukraine will compete at the Eurovision Song Contest despite the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

We are desperate about the situation in Ukraine like everyone else. And I’m sorry for our colleagues and lots of fans in Russia who are now not allowed to celebrate Eurovision. We are in very close contact with the Ukrainian delegation and we try to help them as much as possible through this tough time.

Executive supervisor Martin Österdahl for Aftonbladet

Like the other competing delegations, the Ukrainian delegation will also prepare the live-on-tape recording, in case they don’t make it to Turin in May. According to the Italian broadcaster Rai, Ukraine is planning to record the video somewhere near the border instead of the capital Kyiv.

Recently the broadcaster UA:PBC also published a video by the Kalush Orchestra leader Oleh Psiuk. While the group find Eurovision very important, currently they are focused to help their country. In the interview with Reuters, Oleh tells that he has formed 20-strong volunteer group to supply medicines and help people flee the war, while one of the Kalush Orchestra members is serving in the territorial defence unit.

Eurovision is very important to us but the life of our family and friends is even more important. So now we are doing everything possible to help our country. One team member of our band is fighting in the territorial defense in Kyiv. I have established a volunteer organization. We are helping people to find accommodation, move, find medicine. Our country has united to the maximum. All my friends and people I know keep helping one another, and we are all fighting as one cohesive mechanism. So I would like to ask you and urge everyone who can hear me to help us, speak up about this problem.

Kalush Orchestra leader Oleh Psiuk

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