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“We want to show there’s a lot of diversity in our country” – Alvan and Ahez in London [INTERVIEW]

Before taking to the stage at last Sunday’s London Eurovision Party, we spoke with France’s Alvan and Ahez to discuss their entry Fulenn, as well as staging plans for Turin.

Eurovision experience is ‘Incredible’

Despite the contest still over a month away, Alvan & Ahez are enjoying the Eurovision experience thus far, describing it as incredible. We asked the quartet what they wanted to achieve with their song.

We want to show that in our country there is diversity and that Breton is an original language – but that there are a lot of original languages in Europe.  It’s a way to show the diversity and different cultures of our country.

When asked what we could expect in the staging for Fulenn, they remained tight lipped, but Alvan promised good things.

It will be the same as C’est Vous Qui Décidez but better!

France will take part in the grand final of the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest. Alvan & Ahez will perform Fulenn on Saturday 14th May.

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