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Andorra “do not plan to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest”

It’s been thirteen years since their last Eurovision outing, but Andorra have no intention of returning to the Eurovision Song Contest. The content manager of broadcaster RTVA, Dani Ortolà, has confirmed their plans to Eurofestivales.

Andorra and Eurovision

The content manager of RTVA, Dani Ortolà, has spoken to Eurofestivales about the Eurovision Song Contest. In a short statement, he says:

Despite being part of the EBU, we do not plan to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest in the short or medium term.

Dani Ortolà, content manager of RTVA

Andorra’s intention not to return to the contest will be a disappointment to quite a few. Their 2009 entrant, Susanne Georgi, has been campaigning to get her country back to the contest. The singer worked on securing funds to participate in 2022. The singer claimed to have raised enough money to actually do it, but RTVA did not appear on the list of participants. Several other former entrants have backed Georgi’s proposal.

The microstate, located between France and Spain, made their Eurovision début back in 2004. In six participations, they never managed to qualify for the Grand Final. Their best result came in 2007. Pop-rock group Anonymous represented their country with “Salvem el món”. The song placed twelfth in the semi with 80 points – making Andorra the second highest ranked West-European country in the semi, behind Portugal. Currently, Andorra are the only Eurovision country to never have taken part in the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

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