National finals revisited: From La Rappresentante di Lista to Isaac Sene [Part 2]

Tom O’Donoghue:
Voyager – Dreamer (Australia)

After Måneskin’s win in 2021 many people expected a flurry of rock acts looking for their time at Eurovision. In the end not all countries opted for a rock act when given a choice in their national finals. Australia was one of them.

Voyager gave us something different in the rock genre: prog influences, deep guitar riffs and electronic sounds. It did this in a accessible package suitable for the contest. This is a genre of music I’m very much into, so it was totally up my street. I really liked the presentation of their music video with the lighting and effects – it was easy to imagine it on a grand scale on the Eurovision stage. There’s little reason I can see why this couldn’t of done just as well as for example Finland’s The Rasmus, the closest competitor maybe.

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