New Music Friday – this week with Måneskin, Benjamin Ingrosso, MARO, Amanda Tenfjord and more!

Ten of the best new songs from Eurovision artists!

Another week comes to an end and that means it’s New Music Friday! So it’s time to share the best new releases from the Eurovision world, and they’re busier than ever as the door on the 2022 season closes. Over the following pages is everything you need to know for your weekend playlists!

Måneskin – ‘If I Can Dream’ (ELVIS Soundtrack)

After a whirlwind year of success, Italian rockers Måneskin came full circle and returned to the Eurovision stage in Turin. During the interval they revealed a surprise Elvis cover, ‘If I Can Dream’. With added Damiano rasp, this rendition still remains faithful to the Elvis original. From today fans of Elvis Presley and Måneskin can enjoy the song together on the original soundtrack of the Baz Luhrmann biopic about the ‘King of Rock and Roll’.

The meaning of the song is very contemporary: ‘If I can dream of a better land/ Where all my brothers walk hand in hand‘. It’s about uniting, it’s about peace, freedom and happiness, and it’s coming out at the right moment. We’re really proud of what we did, and to be part of this project. I have a feeling it’s going to be amazing.

Damiano David, (speaking to NME)

Benjamin Ingrosso – ‘Playlist’ (Album)

Previously on New Music Friday, Sweden’s ‘Dance You Off’ star, Benjamin Ingrosso teased us with lead single, ‘Dancing On A Sunny Day‘. Now Benjamin has released his fourth studio album Playlist, for our playlists. A concept that is evident in the structure of the album. This full English banquet of 14 tracks is a varied collection of new songs and others waiting to be released, that are some of Benjamin’s own favourites.

Playlist is a very special album for me, an album composed of songs that quickly became my own favourite songs. I feel I have grown a lot since my debut album, and I am very proud of my own development in recent years. The album represents my musical journey, and I think people can get to know me better through the songs. I hope people will find at least one song on the album they can relate to.

Benjamin Ingrosso, (TEN)

MARO – ‘like we’re wired’

After achieving 9th place in Turin with ‘Saudade, saudade‘, MARO returns once more as she follows up ‘am i not enough for now‘, ‘we’ve been loving in silence‘ and ‘it keeps on raining‘ with, ‘like we’re wired’. However this time we see a softer side of MARO. Although faithful to her trap, dreamscape energy, this more synth-guitar track is a positive love anthem of feeling a deep connection to a loved one. Later this year MARO will release her new, as yet untitled album, featuring all these singles.


Anxhela Peristeri – ‘Adrenalina’

From serving a dose of ‘Karma‘ in 2021, Albania’s last qualifier Anxhela Peristeri returns with new single, ‘Adrenalina’. This time Anxhela is embracing traditional culture with a fun, modern flair. Together with an Albanian fyell brezi and percussion beats, this Balkan banger pays tribute to Anxhela’s heritage as she wants to bring the energy to Pristina.

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