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Sam Ryder releases new single ‘Somebody’

Sam Ryder has released today a new single, titled ‘Somebody’, his first since ‘Space Man’ finished 2nd in Eurovision 2022. It comes out ahead of his debut album There’s Nothing But Space, Man, which is due out October 14th.

Sam Ryder’s been able to capitalise on his Eurovision performance arguably better than any other recent UK entrant. This of course was helped enormously by his silver medal, which has led to the UK hosting 2023, though his natural charisma has surely also been a factor. Since coming 2nd in Eurovision, he has performed at locations including the Platinum Jubilee concert and Formula 1’s British Grand Prix.

First new music since Eurovision

Of course this means there is anticipation over new music. ‘Somebody’ is the first Sam Ryder release since his Eurovision journey, released today and available on streaming services. It’s an upbeat pop track with lots of background vocals that make for a very joyful package. What else could we have expected from the famously positive and happy popstar? But it’s more than just that, there’s a bunch of rhymes with the title word of ‘somebody’ that turns the song from ‘we all need somebody’ to ‘you’ve got somebody who loves you’. Never leaving anyone behind, Sam specifically references ‘lonely hearts needing somebody’ and has a lot of encouragement towards making people happy.

It’s something quite different from ‘Space Man’, though that’s not a bad thing! It’s very well done, and should still leave a lot of people who liked the Eurovision smash very happy with a new song to play from Sam.

Sam is on BBC Radio 2 to play ‘Somebody’ from 11.15 GMT today:

Listen to ‘Somebody’

Listen to the song and watch the music video on Youtube below:

You can also find it on streaming services here:

Sam Ryder at Eurovision

British Eurovision fans will need little reminding of the fantastic 2nd place that Sam Ryder brought the UK in May. ‘Space Man’ was one of the highlights of 2022’s final, topping the jury vote before finishing second, with 466 points behind Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra and their ‘Stefania’. Sam performed the song in a silver cage, performing 22nd in the final. He brought the UK its best result in over 20 years.

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