New Music Friday – this week with Subwoolfer, KEiiNO, Ulrikke and more!

Ten of the best new songs from Eurovision artists!

JOWST, Mørland – ‘While It’s Hot’

The former Norwegian 2015 representative, Kjetil Mørland is proving to be a busy man just lately. Several weeks ago, ERR revealed its Eesti Laul 2023 line-up, which includes an entry co-written by Mørland. Until then, Mørland is sticking closer to home and teaming up with Norway’s 2018 electronic maestro, JOWST. Together they’re living life to the fullest and burning up the Winter months with the fun track, ‘While It’s Hot’.


Alicja – ‘Stick Together’

Every major sporting competition needs a good theme song and the Handball World Championships are no different. Although Alicja did not get to represent Poland in 2020, that has not swayed her from her successful music ambitions. Ahead of the 2023 IHF World Championships, ‘Stick Together’ showcases a slick, RnB change of pace for Alicja, as she blends the contemporary sound into a motto for the rousing team performances that will be on display this coming January.


LouLou LaMotte (The Mamas) – ‘Jul med dig’

Always a gift that keeps on giving, Sweden’s vocal powerhouse and one third of The Mamas, LouLou LaMotte continues on her solo path with her latest single and festive treat, ‘Jul med dig’ or ‘Christmas With You’. The guitar laden track is a reminder of the true values of Christmas time with the people you love most.

Christmas should always be so extremely festive and you put your whole soul into stress and everything to get a perfect weekend and a perfect Christmas. When I wrote this song together with Peter Kvint, we felt that the only thing that counts is that you do something unpretentious like sitting on a couch with hot chocolate and are allowed to only be with those you like and love. That’s the Christmas I wish for all people.

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