XTRA Jury: Eurovision 2012

Will Loreen hold on to 1st place?

Welcome to the fourth edition of XTRA Jury! After voting for our favourite songs from Eurovision 2017 (which you can view here), we lit our fires to rank the songs in Eurovision 2012! This jury is made up of members of the ESCXTRA team and each member votes for their favourite ten songs in Eurovision style (1-8,10,12).

Jury Members

Our jury consists of eleven incredible members. They are:
Bente, Bo, Costa, Lisa, Nathan, Nick, Simon, Tom, Vincent, Wiv and me!

Countries that received 0 points

There were a total of 42 countries participating in Eurovision 2012. Unfortunately, 14 countries received no points from our jury. They are:

CountryPlace that it finished in the contest
🇷🇺 Russia2nd
🇩🇰 Denmark23rd
🇳🇴 Norway26th
🇨🇭 Switzerland28th (NQ)
🇵🇹 Portugal31st (NQ)
🇬🇪 Georgia32nd (NQ)
🇳🇱 Netherlands33rd (NQ)
🇧🇾 Belarus34th (NQ)
🇸🇲 San Marino36th (NQ)
🇸🇮 Slovenia37th (NQ)
🇸🇰 Slovakia38th (NQ)
🇲🇪 Montenegro39th (NQ)
🇧🇪 Belgium41st (NQ)
🇦🇹 Austria42nd (NQ)

Countries That Received Points (28th-11th)

PlaceCountryTotal pointsHighest number of points
received (from who)
11🇩🇪 Germany288 (Bo, Wiv)
12🇬🇷 Greece227 (Lisa)
13🇦🇿 Azerbaijan207 (Costa, Micheál)
14🇲🇩 Moldova197 (Bente)
15🇮🇪 Ireland1812 (Bo)
16🇷🇴 Romania188 (Lisa, Nathan)
17🇧🇬 Bulgaria156 (Lisa)
18🇹🇷 Turkey137 (Bo)
19🇫🇷 France1210 (Nick)
20🇮🇱 Israel66 (Wiv)
21🇭🇺 Hungary64 (Simon)
22🇬🇧 United Kingdom63 (Nick)
23🇺🇦 Ukraine55 (Lisa)
24🇱🇹 Lithuania43 (Bente)
25🇧🇦 Bosnia and Herzegovina33 (Costa)
26/27🇱🇻 Latvia21 (Lisa, Nick)
26/27🇲🇹 Malta21 (Nathan, Wiv)
28🇭🇷 Croatia11 (Micheál)

10. Pernilla Karlsson – När Jag Blundar (🇫🇮 Finland)

Points: 28
Highest number of points received: 12 (Micheál)
Micheál: Miss girl showed up for Finland and sang in Swedish. She didn’t have to but she did, and we thank her for it! Rumour has it that the cello was invented because of this song. It’s amazing how Eurovision teaches us so many amazing things!

9. Nina Zilli – L’amore è Femmina (🇮🇹 Italy)

Points: 30
Highest number of points received: 7 (Wiv)
Simon: Bass and brass, what’s not to like?

8. Greta Salóme and Jónsi – Never Forget (🇮🇸 Iceland)

Points: 38
Highest number of points received: 10 (Tom)
Wiv: After Söngvakeppnin I thought this would be my winner, or at least in my top 3. However, the Eurovision version, with the language change and the more polished sound, kinda ruined it for me. Still a top 10 entry, but no longer a potential winner.

7. Ott Lepland – Kuula (🇪🇪 Estonia)

Points: 39
Highest number of points received: 12 (Bente)
Bente: Kuula is such a beautiful entry, one of my favourites from Estonia. First of all, it gets extra points for being in the beautiful Estonian language, but it’s much more than just that- the simple yet effective staging has this power to transfer you to a new world for 3 minutes. You don’t need to understand what he’s singing about to be touched by the performance, especially combined with Ott Lepland’s flawless vocals. This is what a ballad should be all about!

6. Kaliopi – Crno i Belo (🇲🇰 North Macedonia)

Points: 39
Highest number of points received: 12 (Costa, Nick)
Costa: This is perhaps a left-field choice but there’s something to be said about how “Crno i belo” is a song we don’t get at the contest anymore. 2012 represented a shift towards a more ‘modern’ contest thanks to you-know-who, but for whatever reason, Kaliopi shrieking over a Balkan rock-pop power mid tempo speaks to me most

5. Ivi Adamou – La La Love (🇨🇾 Cyprus)

Points: 41
Highest number of points received: 10 (Costa, Lisa)
Lisa: Such an underrated banger! Those beats are more delicious than halloumi. Ivi walked so Eleni Foureira could run. That breakdown section is 10 of the best seconds in Eurovision history.

4. Rona Nishliu – Suus (🇦🇱 Albania)

Points: 41
Highest number of points received: 10 (Micheál, Simon, Wiv)
Wiv: The talent of this woman, and the passion and raw emotion in this song… How can anyone not love it?

3. Pastora Soler – Quédate Conmigo (🇪🇸 Spain)

Points: 47
Highest number of points received: 12 (Tom)
Simon: Textbook goosebumps.

2. Željko Joksimović – Nije Ljubav Stvar (🇷🇸 Serbia)

Points: 48
Highest number of points received: 12 (Wiv)
Wiv: I love (almost) everything Zeljko has done at Eurovision, and this is my favorite by miles. It’s very close to (perhaps even in?) my top 10 in the history of the contest!

1. Loreen – Euphoria (🇸🇪 Sweden)

Points: 87
Highest number of points received: 12 (Lisa, Nathan, Simon, Vincent)
Lisa: There’s a good reason that Loreen is the Queen of the ESC250. Every element, from the staging, to the choreography and Loreen’s artistry combines to make the perfect Eurovision song. It pushed the contest to another level and made it mainstream. This is why the likes of Sam Ryder, Duncan Laurence and Rosa Linn are having the commercial success they are.

Congratulations to Sweden for winning our XTRA Jury for Eurovision 2012! You can now see the results of our XTRA VOTE Rewind for Eurovision 2012 here! Our next XTRA VOTE Rewind will be for all the entries in Eurovision 2002, the results will be coming soon!

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