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Sanremo 2023 line-up complete

The song titles for the first 22 Sanremo Giovani acts have been announced.

Details about Italy’s Festival Di Sanremo 2023 began to emerge back in June, including the dates and the format. In a press conference earlier last month, the 22 Campioni participants in the Festival di Sanremo 2023 were revealed.

Last night, Sanremo Giovani saw 12 newcomers compete for a chance to participate in Festival di Sanremo 2023. Originally, only three Sanremo Giovani artists would advance into the main contest, but this number was later doubled.

The six qualifiers were as follows:

  • Colla Zio – “Asfalto” (Asphalt)
  • gIANMARIA – “La città che odi” (The city you hate)
  • OLLY – “L’anima balla” (The soul dances)
  • Sethu – “Sottoterra” (Underground)
  • Shari – “Sotto Voce” (Whisper)
  • Will – “Le cose più importanti” (The most important things)

The six eliminated acts were as follows:

  • Giuse The Lizia – “Sincera” (Sincere)
  • Maninni – “Mille porte” (A thousand doors)
  • Mida – “Malditè”
  • Fiat 131 – “Pupille” (Pupils)
  • Noor – “La tua Amelie” (Your Amelie)
  • Romeo & Drill – “Giorno di scuola” (School day)

Campioni song titles announced

The six qualifying Giovani acts will join the following 22 entries with new songs:

  • Anna Oxa – “Sali (Canto dell’anima)” (Go out (Song of the soul))
  • Ariete – “Mare di guai” (Sea of trouble)
  • Articolo 31 – “Un bel viaggio” (A nice trip)
  • Colapesce DiMartino – “Splash”
  • Come_Cose – “L’addio” (The goodbye)
  • Elodie – “Due” (Two)
  • Gianluca Grignani – “Quando ti manca il fiato” (When you’re out of breath)
  • Giorgia – “Parole dette male” (Bad words)
  • I Cugini di Campgna – “Lettera 22″ (Letter 22)
  • Lazza – “Cenere” (Ash)
  • LDA – “Se poi domani” (If then tomorrow)
  • Leo Gassman – “Terzo cuore” (Third heart)
  • Levante – “Vivo” (I live)
  • Madame – “Il bene nel male” (The good in the bad)
  • Mara Sattei – “Duemilaminuti” (Twothousandminutes)
  • Marco Mengoni – “Due vite” (Two lives)
  • Modà – “Lasciami” (Leave me)
  • Mr. Rain – “Supereroi” (Superheroes)
  • Paola e Chiara – “Furore” (Fury)
  • Rosa Chemical – “Made in Italy”
  • Tananai – “Tango”
  • Ultimo – “Alba” (Dawn)

Sanremo 2023

Sanremo 2023 will take place from 7 to 11 February 2023. In the 2023 edition, there will be 28 participants in total.

The general format of Sanremo 2023 will be largely the same as the 2022 edition. The traditional ‘covers’ night will take place on 10 February, and artists, alongside a special guest, must cover a song that was released between 1 January 1960 and 31 December 1999.

Voting procedures are fairly similar to 2022. On the first and second nights, votes will be decided by a jury comprised of TV, radio and web representatives. In addition, on the third evening, the public will be able to have a say through televoting. Their opinions will have an equal weighting alongside the jury. Finally, on the fourth and fifth evenings, televoting, an opinion poll and jury will determine the winner.

Amadeus, who also serves as the artistic director for the festival, will be hosting for the forth time in a row, with Gianni Morandi co-hosting.

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