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Julia Samoylova performs “I Won’t Break” live for the first time

Sometimes we need to wait until the actual weeks of rehearsals at Eurovision to see acts perform their songs live. Pre-parties have helped a great deal. Tonight in Moscow, Russia’s entrant Julia Samoylova performed her entry live for the first time.

Julia Samoylova in Moscow

Samoylova is headling the third pre-party of the year. After Riga and London, it’s now time for the Russian capital to host their party. Aside from Julia Samoylova, other acts like DoReDoS and Aisel will be performing there.

It’s the first time we see Samoylova perform a Eurovision entry live. Last year’s “Flame Is Burning” never had a true live performance. At the bottom of this article, you can see Julia Samoylova’s performance in Moscow tonight.

100% qualification record

Russia will be hoping to hold on to their 100% qualification record in Eurovision. After not taking part last year, they’re back now. They’ll be taking part in the second semifinal in Lisbon. In the running order, they have been placed sixth, between Denmark and Moldova.

What do you think about the first live performance of “I Won’t Break”? Let us know!

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