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Poland: Get to know Gromee feat. Lukas Meijer’s team for Lisbon

As Lisbon gears up for the impending arrival of all the artists and delegations for the rehearsals and live shows, Poland have announced the team, including “Light Me Up” co-writer Mahan Moin, that will be joining Gromee feat. Lukas Meijer.

Meet the team

Mahan Moin

Known for her Persian fusion anthems, the Iranian-Swedish singer will provide backing vocals for the performance. Mahan is best remembered for participating in Melodifestivalen 2014 with “Aleo”. After that experience Mahan went on to record “The World Is Mine”, which was the theme song for the 2015 Women’s Ice Hockey World Championships. Further to this, her single “Bia Beraghsim” was one of the official anthems for the 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

In recent years Mahan has branched out into songwriting for various national finals. These include “Fisherman” Lithuania 2017, “Exodus” Switzerland 2017, “High On Love” Czech Republic 2018, “Watch Me Fly” Romania 2018. Not forgetting of course the Polish Eurovision entry for 2018 “Light Me Up”, which she co-wrote with Gromee, Lukas Meijer and Christian Rabb, having worked together with Gromee on several hit songs previously. Along with this Mahan herself also tried to return this year, entering the San Marino 2018 1in360 format.

Christian Rabb

Aforementioned as part of the writing team for “Light Me Up”, Christian will be on backing vocals, reprising his role from the Krajowe Eliminacje national final. The Swedish writer and producer has previously co-written numerous songs with Mahan Moin and has many Gold and Platinum awards for his work. This is not his first foray into the Eurovision circuit, he of course penned “L’amore È Femmina (Out of Love)” Italy’s 2012 Eurovision entry, coming in 9th place in the final. Additionally Christian was also a co-writer of “Top of The World” in the 2014 Finland selection. More recently Christian is a member of Swedish rock band No Sleep For Lucy, which includes Lukas Meijer himself.

Sara Chmiel

Wife of Gromee, Sara was also last seen as a backing vocalist during Krajowe Eliminacje and will provide the same role again in Lisbon. The Polish singer started her career competing and winning various awards in talent shows around Europe before joining the band Mocha. They rose to fame in the Polish version of the global Got Talent franchise, Mam Talent in 2010. Since 2011 Sara has been a vocalist with the band Łzy, releasing three albums.

Kasia Dereń

Last but not least is Polish singer Kasia who will join up with the team as a backing vocalist. Unfortunately this means there’s no place for Lena Romul, who provided backing vocals in Krajowe Eliminacje. The Jazz and Soul singer first came to fame in 2012 appearing on Bitwa Na Głosy, the Polish version of Clash of The Choirs. Moving on a year later to 2013, Kasia made it to the semifinals during the second season of The Voice of Poland. She has since gone on to collaborate with numerous Polish singers as well as releasing her own solo material.

Poland at Eurovision

With the help of this Polish-Swedish common framework, Gromee feat. Lukas Meijer will be hoping it’ll light their song “Light Me Up” to the top of the scoreboard in May. They will perform 11th in the second semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest on May 10th in Lisbon.

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