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Destination Eurovision very likely to be held again in 2019

In an interview to French TV magazine Télé-Loisirs, the CEO of France Télévisions, the French Eurovision broadcaster, Delphine Ernotte, answered several questions about Eurovision. She wants France to be more involved in the contest, and all but officially confirmed the return of Destination Eurovision next year.

“Destination Eurovision is a good formula”

Delphine Ernotte, CEO of France Télévisions since August 2015, went to Lisbon to watch the Grand Final and officially announce France’s comeback at Junior Eurovision. There, she also gave an interview to Télé-Loisirs.
Asked about the unexpectedly average results (13th) of Madame Monsieur in the Grand Final, she said she was “mainly disappointed for them”, but later on confirmed that “Mercy” was her favorite song from Destination Eurovision.

Was it the title you prefered from Destination Eurovision?
D. Ernotte: Yes, I dare say so. It was the good choice, because the public chose it.

She was then immediately asked about her thoughts on the French national selection, and her answer should rejoice the fans:

Destination Eurovision is a good formula. We very much intend to continue.

The matter of the message

The expectations were big this week for France. After winning several press polls, as well as a Marcel Bezançon Award, victory seemed possible. Barely staying in the left side of the scoreboard was therefore a shocking surprise for many, including Delphine Ernotte.
Asked about what was missing to win, this was her answer:

Maybe we should think about what the Europeans like, about what could work everywhere in Europe and not only in France. Maybe the fact that the song was 100% in French, therefore not necessarily comprehensible for publics that do not understand it, that might have been detrimental to them. I am not saying that we must sing in English. But maybe we must give more to be understood with images, staging. We should have given a stronger indication of the meaning.

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Destination Eurovision 2018

Last year, France 2 (the main channel of the France Télévisions media group) announced that they would stage a national selection for 2018. Submissions started in June 2017, and out of more than a thousand submissions, 16 candidates made it to the January shows.
Choosing an original format, France 2 pleasantly surprised many fans all around the planet. #DestinationEurovision was reportedly fourth globally on Twitter when the shows were broadcast, and the selection is undeniably considered the best “new national selection” of the year.
Unfortunately, in France, the success was not as strong. TV ratings dropped for the second semi-final, then dropped even more for the final. However, the final was held at the same time of the opening episode of The Voice: La Plus Belle Voix 2017. Still, a return in 2019 wasn’t taken for granted until this interview.
Madame Monsieur’s winning performance during the Final of Destination Eurovision:
What do you think? Do you want “Destination Eurovision 2019” to happen? Did you like the 2018 edition? Why do you think France ended up 13th in Lisbon? Tell us more on the comments below or on social media, at @escxtra !

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