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Semifinal results reveal Israel and Norway as winners

EBU have revealed the semifinal results. It turns out Israel and Norway were the winners of their semifinals at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

The results: Semi 1

Below you can see the results, as published by It shows that Netta Barzilai from Israel won the semifinal, just ahead of Cyprus. The same happened tonight during the Grand Final. Surprisingly, Austria only finished in fourth in the semifinal. They did better during the Grand Final, where they finished third.

The unlucky #11 was Azerbaijan. They finished fourteen points behind Finland’s Saara Aalto, who scraped through in tenth. Last in the first semifinal were Iceland. Ari Ólafsson only scored fifteen points.

1. Israel (283 points)
2. Cyprus (262 points)
3. Czech Republic (232 points)
4. Austria (231 points)
5. Estonia (201 points)
6. Ireland (179 points)
7. Bulgaria (177 points)
8. Albania (162 points)
9. Lithuania (119 points)
10. Finland (108 points)
11. Azerbaijan (94 points)
12. Belgium (91 points)
13. Switzerland (86 points)
14. Greece (81 points)
15. Armenia (79 points)
16. Belarus (65 points)
17. Croatia (63 points)
18. F.Y.R. Macedonia (24 points)
19. Iceland (15 points)

The results: Semi 2

The second semifinal was another interesting story. Norway were the winners on Thursday night. Alexander Rybak now holds a questionable record. After finishing just fifteenth in the final tonight, he is now the worst performing semifinal winner ever. Sweden’s second place will mostly be down to juries. They scored just 21 points in televoting in the Grand Final.
Romania were the unlucky #11, just four points behind AWS from Hungary.  Latvia and Malta also came relatively close to qualifying. Last place went to Georgia’s Ethno-Jazz Band Iriao, who scored just 24 points in total. Russia’s 100% qualification record ended as Julia Samoylova finished in fiftheenth.
Second Semi-Final
1. Norway (266 points)
2. Sweden (254 points)
3. Moldova (235 points)
4. Australia (212 points)
5. Denmark (204 points)
6. Ukraine (179 points)
7. The Netherlands (174 points)
8. Slovenia (132 points)
9. Serbia (117 points)
10. Hungary (111 points)
11. Romania (107 points)
12. Latvia (106 points)
13. Malta (101 points)
14. Poland (81 points)
15. Russia (65 points)
16. Montenegro (40 points)
17. San Marino (28 points)
18. Georgia (24 points)

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