Did you hear? Eurovision tidbits! Week 27

An engagement, a back flip and some football!

There is no doubt that, in addition to music (especially Eurovision music, of course), the most important things in life are football and love. So that’s what I’m giving you in this week’s column! With only European teams left in the World Cup, a lot of Eurovision alumni are showing support for their team, and some also show a bit of talent with the ball themselves! Like Dima Bilan in the clip below! 

Not on the Russian national team, but still…

Dima Bilan is as into football as the rest of us, and even wearing a suit, he manages to show off some of his abilities! He posted this video on his Instagram yesterday, probably to support his team before last night’s quarterfinal against Croatia. It didn’t halp, though.

Heja Sverige!

Even though Sweden just got knocked out of the World Cup by England, we feel the desire to share Sanna Nielsen’s joy of her team having gotten all the way to the quarter finals! LOVE the way she accessorizes her Sweden national team kit with yellow, high heeled sandals! The picture was posted on her Instagram, and was taken by @photographerkarintornblom during “Allsång på Skansen“.

Love blooming in Estonia!

Tanel Padar has proposed to his girlfriend, Lauren, and she said yes! According to his Instagram post, he had planned on popping the question on June 30th, but ended up doing it several days earlier. The reason for this was that the perfect moment suddenly appeared. The post says nothing about when the wedding will take place, butwe will of course keep you posted as soon as we hear more.

Marcus and Martinus…and Mikolas!

Last week, we celebrated the fact that a) Marcus and Martinus won the award for “Best Foreign Act” at the MAD TV awards and b) they are finally old enough to participate in Melodi Grand Prix and Eurovision. If they want to. Which we think they should. And it seems they are making useful and fun connections on the way. This little video from backstage at the MAD TV awards, that Mikolas Josef posted on his Instagram, certainly suggests they are making friends in the Euroverse!

Is Bonnie Tyler experiencing a revival of her Nordic career?

Even at the height of her popularity, Bonnie was never as popular anywhere else than she was in the Nordic countries. Especially in Norway and Iceland, she enjoyed massive success. Just last week, she made an appearance at one of the best festivals in the world (I didn’t say that; The Telegraph did! I agree, though!) Below you can watch her performance of “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. And even though I didn’t have a festival pass this year, I still managed to catch this performance. Hlynur and I were walking past the festival area after participating in the Midnight Run at this very moment!
If you happen to be in Kemijärvi later this week; catch her performance at the Midnight Sun Festival!

Tone Damli to host Norwegian Love Island

Earlier this summer, Norwegian tv channel TV3 announced that they will be producing a Norwegian version of the TV show “Love Island“. They have managed to get Idol/Melodi Grand Prix artist, Tone Damli, onboard as the show’s host. Tone is known to the Euroverse because of her participation in Melodi Grand Prix 2009, where she finished second, behind Alexander and “Fairytale”. She also partnered up with Erik Segerstedt in Melodifestivalen 2013.

I’ll be back with more little tidbits from around the Euroverse next Sunday. Until then; keep enjoying the World Cup, wherever you are! May the most fair playing team win! 

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