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πŸ‡«πŸ‡· France’s Tom Leeb releases gentle ballad “Run Away”

It’s New Music Friday and that means it’s time for some new music releases from our favourite Eurovision artists of the past. Today, France’s 2020 Eurovision star Tom Leeb has released “Run Away”, featuring musician Jérôme Queriaud. It is the second single from his new project “Silver Lining” that began with the release of “Si tu savais” last month.

A gentle piano ballad

“Run Away” is a gentle piano ballad written and composed by Leeb and Queriaud themselves. It’s a natural progression from “Si tu savais” with both tracks stripping the production back to focus on the vocals, the lyrics and the instrumentation. You can listen to the track on YouTube, Apple Music and Spotify at the end of this article.

Tom won’t return to Eurovision 2021

Tom Leeb was selected by French broadcaster France 2 to represent the nation at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest with the power-ballad “The Best in Me”. Following its release, the track was revamped with a more modern, acoustic sound and retitled “Mon Alliée (The Best in Me)”. Unfortunately for Tom, the contest was cancelled and, due to a busy 2021 schedule, was unable to sign up to represent France in next year’s contest instead.

In response, France has unveiled a brand new televised selection format entitled “Eurovision France, C’est vous qui décidez”. The submission process for the show has already opened.

Listen to “Run Away” on YouTube

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