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🇸🇪 ABBA to release five new songs in 2021

After the news originally broke to the world in 2018, a date has finally been set in stone for the release of ABBA’s new music! These new tracks are set to be released to coincide with an innovative ‘hologram tour‘.

According to one of the band’s original members Björn Ulvaeus, the recording of the new music in 2018 marked the first time since the band split in 1982 that they were in the same studio together!

What’s with the delay?

We were supposed to thank ABBA for the music (!) in 2020, however as all us Eurovision fans are well aware, the outbreak of COVID-19 has put a stop to all mass gatherings. This meant that the hologram tour, ‘ABBAtars’, had to be postponed until 2021. The decision was then made to also delay to release of the new music in turn. While disappointing, it is an understandable consequence of these difficult times.

Hope Never Dies

It’s not all doom and gloom however! Björn told journalist Geoff Lloyd on his podcast, ‘Reasons To Be Cheerful , that he promises the new music will be released in 2021. In total, we will be treated to five new songs. Although we might want to curse Björn and wonder why he can’t stop teasing us, but I think it’s worth noting that before 2018, the idea of new ABBA music was unthinkable! The history book on the shelf definitely does repeat it itself at times, and it’s not always for the worst.

 Bjorn Ulveaus speaks on the podcast, ‘Reasons To Be Cheerful’.

The Eurovision Connection

Excuse me while I read from the book of Eurovision legends, ahem. A long long time ago in the land of Brighton in the UK, the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest was held. After losing to the band ‘Malta’ with their poetic ‘You’re Summer’ in the battle of Melodifestivalen 1973, ABBA won the right to represent Sweden in 1974. As Caesar once did in times gone by, Agenta, Björn, Benny and Anni-Frid came, they saw and they conquered! Their winning song Waterloo became an international hit and the band became worldwide megastars.

ABBA also hold the honour of being voted the winner of the ‘Congratulations’ special held by the EBU in 2005, showing the lasting appeal of the band. Björn Ulvaeus made a special appearance at the Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light show broadcast in May 2020, where he gave a heartwarming message of hope to the audience, no doubt bringing a tear to the eyes of all who watched (I know it did for me!).

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