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EBU: “No plans to invite Kazakhstan or Kosovo to participate at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest”

In a statement to, the EBU has confirmed that Kazakhstan and Kosovo will not be invited to participate in the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam as things stand.

Kazakhstan and Kosovo have participated at Eurovision events

Both of the countries have participated in Eurovision events already. Kazakhstan has participated at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest since 2018. The country managed to achieve their best result in the contest in 2019 with the song ‘Armanyńnan Qalma’, which won the jury vote.

Meanwhile, Kosovo has participated at the Eurovision Young Dancers in 2011 where Tringa Hysa represented the nation in Oslo. However, the country did not make the final duel.

EBU: “No plans”

With the deadline for broadcasters to confirm participation in Eurovision 2021 fast approaching, we reached out to the EBU to find out whether Kazakhstan and Kosovo would be invited to debut in next year’s contest.

At the present time, there are no plans to invite Kazakhstan or Kosovo to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.


We would like to thank the EBU for their swift response to our query.

Associate members must rely on invitations

As an associate member of the EBU, Kazakhstan’s Khabar Agency must rely on annual invitations to take part in a Eurovision contest in the same way Australia’s SBS has done. However, for the time being at least, Kazakhstan’s invitations will remain limited to the Junior edition of the contest.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Kosovo, as it currently does not meet the criteria to apply for EBU membership. However, the EBU has mentioned that ‘constructive discussions will continue between the EBU and RTK about future possibilities for closer co-operation.’

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  1. Kazakhstan can and I hope they will participate at ESC 2022, but Kosovo* definitely not. Kosovo* was is and will be part of Serbia. Don\’t support terrorists in Eruope!

  2. I\’d actually tell the EBU to stop being so arrogant and let these countries participate because if they changed the rules to accommodate for Australia, they can do the same with both Kazakhstan and Kosovo. And remember while Australia is a permanent Eurovision participant, Australia will never ever be a permanent EBU member because you can\’t change geography. Kazakhstan, on the other hand, is on its right to become a permanent member. And once Serbia stops blocking Kosovo\’s membership, Kosovo will also have the right to be a permanent member.

  3. Kazakhstan should get an invitation and diserve it more than Australia because Kazakhstan is an Eurasian country with territory in Europe and Australia hasn\’t. Kosovo is harder because not all EBU membering countries recognize Kosovo as an independent nation. Kazakhstan, YES. Kosovo (at this moment), NO.

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