Our #ESC250 2020 votes – Part 8 – Conor

Conor reveals his selection for the #ESC250 vote

With the announcement of this year’s Eurovision Top 250 results shortly, we really want to tell you all who our all time Eurovision favorites are.

In this series, our editors will be looking closely at their Top 3 entries (the ones that got 8, 10 and 12 Points) and will also provide their honorable mentions (a song they really like, but did not make their ESC250 list).

Today, it is Conor’s turn to let you know who he voted for in this year’s edition of #ESC250.

Conor: Revealing the Crown Jewels in my Eurovision treasure chest

One time of the year I both look forward to and dread to is the opening of the annual #ESC250 vote. On the one hand, it marks for me the closeness of the Christmas season and an opportunity to see varying views on Eurovision songs both old and new. On the other hand, it means I have to pick my own favorites, which leaves me in a state of deep pondering. What grew favor with me? Which song did I discover or re-discover? It usually takes a day or two for me to compile a list I’m relatively satisfied with, and not tamper any more with it! So are the trials of being a Eurovision fan in November!

Without further ado, here are the songs which just missed out on a place in my top 3. These are in no particular order, they all gain pride of place on my playlist from time to time:

  1. Jakob Sveistrup – Talking to You (Denmark 2005)
  2. Jean-Claude Pascal – C’est peut-être pas l’Amérique (Luxembourg 1981)
  3. Mietek Szcześniak – Przytul mnie mocno (Poland 1999)
  4. Charlie – A holnap már ném lesz szomorú (Hungary 1998)
  5. Patrik Juvet – Je vais me marier, Marie (Switzerland 1973)
  6. Jacques Pills – Mon ami Pierrot (Monaco 1959)
  7. Anri Jokhadze – I’m a Joker (Georgia 2012)

Now… onwards to the the Top 3!

8 points: Alf Poier – Weil der Mensch zählt (Austria 2003)

There have been many ‘novelty songs’ in Eurovision history (Austria arguably having sent the very first one in 1959), and when done right they can be incredibly entertaining. It is Austria in 2003 that really strikes a chord with me however. I can still remember the laughter it brought me when I first stumbled across it back when I first re-watched Eurovision 2003. Alf Poier is a true showman, and his mix of what seems like a nursery rhyme and hard rock should not work but does. And who can forget the dancing? The lyrics are really rather clever upon further inspection, too. The rest of Ireland must have agreed with me because our televote gave Austria 12 points, only for broadcaster RTÉ resorting to using a back-up jury due to a technical fault. If only….

10 points: Davorin Popović – Dvadeset prvi vijek (Bosnia & Herzegovina 1995)

Already an absolute legend in the former Yugoslavian region, Eurovision participation is just one achievement in the impressive career of Davorin Popović. Davorin was lead singer of the iconic rock band Indexi since its 1962 formation. The band itself had attempted to represent Yugoslavia through national final Jugovizija on several occasion. Eventually getting to represent Bosnia in the 1995 contest, Davorin’s song is just magnificent. It pays no attention to Eurovision standards as a somewhat blues inspired number. The lyrics have a real poetic sense to them, speaking of the coming 21st century. A sophisticated number, I always rejoice when it comes on my playlist along with virtually anything Davorin or Indexi recorded. R.I.P to a true legend, thank you for the music!

Honorable mention: Happy You – Aivaras (Lithuania 2002)

Ok, it is far from the most advanced song in terms of lyrical content, but that matters not when it comes to the vibes this song sends out. In my opinion the most joyful Eurovision song ever performed, with some brilliantly out-there fashion choices from Aivaras and his backing singers how could you not love this? I’m delighted that things behind the scenes in Lithuania worked out the way they did (sorry B’Avarija!) and Aivaras the philosopher got his time to shine on the Eurovision stage. Nuostabu!

12 points: Modern Times – Donne-moi une chance (Luxembourg 1993)

And, after much reflection, my top pick is the last entry from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Never has a song put me in such good mood time after time! It always leaves me with a smile on my face and confidence for any of life’s trials every time I press the play button. Something about the sound and feeling the song radiates just hits the spot for me, sending off somewhat nostalgic vibes I just can’t explain. Jimmy Martin and Simone Weis deliver the song perfectly, and worked great as the duo ‘Modern Times’. I also thank the song for introducing me to the work of Jimmy Martin, who has some epic songs and great covers of other hits too. I’m proud this song was performed in Ireland too, what a privilege it would have been to watch it live… alas I was just 8 years too early!

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