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🇦🇱 YOU have predicted Inis Neziri to win tonight’s Festivali i Këngës final

135 of you think Inis will be Albania's representative for Rotterdam 2021!

Over the last past few weeks, you have been submitting your predictions for the first round of Eurovision Prediction 2021. For this round, your task was to predict the winner of Festivali i Këngës 59 in Albania. Now, let’s take a look at who you collectively expect to win the Albanian ticket to Rotterdam!

On ‘Night One’ (recorded on Wednesday 16th December), all 25 acts performed their entries with full production and staging, and last night (‘Night Two’, recorded on Friday 18th December), the acts performed stripped-back renditions of their entries.

But before tonight’s final, 25 became 18. RTSH confirmed the 18 qualifiers, following the recording of the final performances last night. Only the results portion of the festival will be broadcast live this evening. 

During this first round of Eurovision Prediction 2021, a record 231 of you have predicted who you think will take victory in Albania. Without further ado, here are the entries that YOU have predicted to win in order of frequency, from most to least:

RankArtistSongNumber of predictionsPercentage
1Inis Neziri Pendesë13558.4%
2Anxhela PeristeriKarma3816.5%
3Rosela GjylbeguVashëzo2611.3%
4Era RusiZjarri im114.8%
5MirudNëse vdes93.9%
6Xhesika PoloMë mbron52.2%
=7Enxhi NasufiNjësoj10.4%
=7Festina MejziniKush je ti dashuri10.4%
=7Franc KoruniE morën botën10.4%
=7Kastro Zizo Vallja e jetës10.4%
=7Manjola NallbaniOra e jetës10.4%
=7Stefan MarenaMeteor10.4%
=7Wendi Mancaku Si ajo10.4%
Artists in red are already out of the running as of the night of the final

Notably, this is a smaller gap than last year, where Elvana Gjata got 75% of the vote. This isn’t the only difference between this year’s festival and last year’s, even when you leave the changes to the filming and organisation due to the pandemic to one side. First, no single artist outstrips the rest of the pack like ‘Me Tana’ did in terms of traction. For example, Anxhela’s ‘Karma’ has the most collective views at around 250,000, which is far below the views of Elvana, the eventual winner Arilena Ara and the next three most popular FiK 58 entries.

Of course, views have a marginal impact on the outcome of Festivali i Këngës, as there is no televoting component to the results. It’s also worth noting that there isn’t expected to be international jurors this year, which if last year’s results are anything to go by, will impact the voting also.

As our reaction series goes to show, there’s something for everyone in this selection…

We will publish the official results within 48 hours of the final. Stay tuned to see how you fare against the rest of the competition! We’ll also be launching the next round for Israel soon.

Earlier this year, our 420 prediction players only predicted the correct national winners 10 of out 27 times…an all-time low. To be fair, 2020 was a very unpredictable year in general. In 2019, our Eurovision Prediction players collectively predicted 16 out of 29 national final winners correctly. In 2018, your record was 19 out of 30. How will you, our Eurovision Prediction 2021 players, fare this year? There will be fewer rounds, and therefore a tighter playing field…so it’s all to play for…




What do you think of our players’ predictions? Who do you think will win Festivali i Këngës 59? Let us knowMeanwhile, make sure you follow Eurovision Prediction on FacebookTwitter and Instagram as well as on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for all the exciting announcements coming your way!

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