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XTRA DECIDES: 🇸🇪 Melodifestivalen: our semi-final 2 direct finalists

Welcome to XTRA Decides! In this feature the team here at ESCXTRA rank the national final songs, giving our choice of the winner. Specially for Sweden’s selection Meldoifestivalen 2021 we are scoring each semi-final. Later we will choose our Andra Chansen (Second Chance) duel winners and score the grand final. We’re scoring using the Melfest style scoring system. (12-1)

This week we score the seven songs of semi-final 2. After giving our scores, the team has chosen Dotter and Anton Ewald to go direct to the final. In addition our choices mean Patrik Jean and WAHL feat Sami would go to the Second Chance (Andra Chansen) round. Check out the scores and thoughts of some of the team below.

Our Scores

Dotter – Little Tot
12: Tom O, Aline, Maria, Angelos, Costa, Bente, Lisa, Nathan W, Nathan P
1 DTF150
Anton Ewald – New Religion
12: Tom R, Dominik
2 DTF113
Patrik Jean – Tears Run Dry
12: Sami, Tim
3 AC109
WAHL feat. Sami – 90-talet4 AC94
Eva Rydberg & Ewa Roos – Rena rama ding dong
12: Nick, Issac
Frida Green – The Silence653
Julia Alfrida – Rich740


Dotter – Little Tot


I know what to expect from Little Tot and I also didn’t try to think of what I could expect as I don’t like to compare with Dotter’s previous work. However, the snippet of “Little Tot” made me smile immediately. The song feels more optimistic than Bulletproof and I am glad Dotter doesn’t try to bring a “new Bulletproof”. She shows that she can deliver different styles and emotions in her music. When I saw the performance snippet, I was happy to see dancers on stage. Dotter stays true to the dark staging with some subtile coloured lights which creates a really interesting atmosphere for the song. Looking forward to the full performance!


Never judge a song by its title! This is a big tot and shows another layer of Dotter’s musicality. Last year it was the finest of margins in the televote which saw ‘Bulletproof’ just miss out. So it’s clear from the electropop production this time, that the aim is to improve that score. The song’s hook is instantly memorable, to give it strong commerical appeal. While also telling the story of Dotter’s development over the years in Melodifestivalen. It’s a well crafted, obvious contender for victory again. However the staging needs to match the potential and I’m not as blown away as I was by Dotter’s human laser last year. Of course, that is my own bias from being there in person last year. But if anyone can, Dotter can and this will most likely remain my favourite of this year’s selection!

Anton Ewald – New Religion

Tom R

“New Religion” is a good song, and definitely a song I’d listen to. It’s got a great beat, making it easy to dance along to, and I can see this going DTF tomorrow. The rehearsal clip looks good – lots of potential, and quite good choreography to go with it. I look forward to seeing how it does tomorrow.


When the line-up was announced I was already hyped to have Anton back in the competition and I did not get disappointed! “New Religion” is the disco/dance bop I wanted and needed. The chorus is catchy, we get a brilliant dance break and don’t get me started on the amazing choreo! Since 2014 Anton evolved a lot and you can see how he grew as an artist. Considering “New Religion” was not written with the intention to enter Melfest, I think this fits perfect in this year’s edition with such a high quality and different styles. I can’t wait to blast this song on my headphones with full volume!

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