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XTRA DECIDES: πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬ We choose ‘Imaginary Friend’ for VICTORIA

Welcome to XTRA Decides! In this feature the team here at ESCXTRA rank the national final songs, giving our choice of the winner. Today we decide the song for Bulgaria’s VICTORIA.

VICTORIA has recently provided six songs, each with the potential to be the song to represent Bulgaria at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. The songs also form her new debut EP ‘a little dramatic’. After our scores, the team has chosen ‘Imaginary Friend’ for VICTORIA. Check out our scores and the thoughts of some of the team below…

Our Scores

Imaginary Friend
12: Tom O, Maria, Angelos, Vincent, Justas
Ugly Cry
12: Sami, Tom R
Dive Into Unknown
12: Costa, Tim
Phantom Pain
12: Lisa
Growing Up Is Getting Old
12: Nick
The Funeral Song674


Angelos (12pts)

When I first heard “Imaginary Friend” I fell immediately in love with the song and VICTORIA’s soft voice. The song is timeless and it gives a melancholic, nostalgic vibe with a catchy sing along melody that sticks in your head right away. In my opinion, the song stands out from the rest of the potential entries in the sense that it has a clear structure and melody, which is super important in Eurovision because the majority of the viewers will only get to listen to it once. But more importantly, the sweet dreamy feeling and message of the song that I think many people will identify themselves with.
It’s simply a lovely song and I’m already visualizing VICTORIA on stage giving a powerful performance with this. It’s also worth mentioning that “Imaginary Friend” is the song that reminds the least to any of Billie Eilish songs, something VICTORIA has been compared to a lot lately, so in order to avoid further comparisons I draw the conclusion that “Imaginary Friend” is the song that should get chosen either way.

Maria (12pts)

“Imaginary Friend” got my attention almost immediately. It definitely stands out with Victoria’s vocals and such a soft and soothing music. If we are to compare with the last year entry, this one is much better for me in many ways. I also have to mention that I was completely touched by the lyrics, they seem to be like a true story for Victoria herself and I bet that’s the same for many people who are listening to the song too. Moreover, there can be a really beautiful staging if this entry becomes a final choice. Overall, I should admit I’m really impressed this time and I do hope “Imaginary Friend” would be picked for Victoria to let her shine at the Eurovision stage even more!

Tom O (12pts)

Respect to VICTORIA: she’s an artist who has a style that she sticks to. In all these songs there are no attempts to cater to what people might expect at Eurovision. In that sense though it’s hard to judge the songs as Eurovision entries – we dont have a ballad vs uptempo kind of compeition here. The melody of the chorus in ‘Imaginary Friend’ stuck with me more than the others so this would have to be my pick. Like all the songs the production is high quality and VICTORIA’s soft vocals suit the melancholic feeling. I must admit I’ll miss ‘Tears Getting Sober’ though!

Tom R (10pts)

This song is a great example of how a country is attempting to emulate the successful sound that is being achieved by artists in the charts, such as Billie Eilish. “Imaginary Friend” has a very high production value, and it feels very polished with excellent vocals from VICTORIA. In my opinion, this would storm the semi-final and easily qualify. I can already see VICTORIA on stage with subdued staging: low lighting, and a performance that encapsulates the audience.

Tim (6pts)

I love VICTORIA’s sound, she has bought six amazing tracks, and they are all amazing, and I will be listening to “a little dramatic” on repeat. However, if we’re talking which of the entries would be suitable for Eurovision, this ranks just a bit lower. My reason for this, is that it lack the, let’s say the “oomph” an impact, compared to “Tears Getting Sober”. It’s good for light listening, and I’ll give that to her. I really like her vocals on this track, so I’ll still be listening to it, regardless of whether or not I think it should be Bulgaria’s entry for Eurovision this year.

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