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Beknur Jánibekuly & Álınur Khamzin win Kazakh Junior Eurovision 2021 selection

Thanks to a tie, Kazakhstan will send their first duo to Junior Eurovision.

Beknur Jánibekuly & Álınur Khamzin have been selected to represent Kazakhstan at the Junior Eurovision 2021, following a tie at this weekend’s national final. They will perform the song “Ertegi alemi” in Paris, which was originally Álınur Khamzin’s solo entry.

On Saturday, 10 young singers competed in Nur-Sultan to be the fourth artist to represent Kazakhstan at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Following a dramatic results reveal, the jury decided that the top two singers – Beknur Jánibekuly and Álınur Khamzin – will participate together.

Running orderArtistSongJuryTelevoteTotalPlace
4Beknur Zhanibek“Human”4.9%25.6%30.5%1=
9Alinur Khamzin“Ertegı älemı”17.1%13.4%30.5%1=
7Aiganym Amantai“Armanym”10.9%14.2%25.1%3
10Abilkair Zhumabay“Indigo Bala”16.7%8.4%25.1%4
1Alimzhan Tugelbai“Senem ali”7.8%9.3%17.1%5
8Amina Asgatova“Qimylda”14.3%2.2%16.5%6
5Adina Sulenova“Akeshim”3.4%12.4%15.8%7
6Armen Saakyan“Bala mahabbat”11.7%3.6%15.3%8
2Zhan Makim“Bile”8.1%6.0%14.1%9
3Ekaterina Tabarina“Fotomodel”4.9%4.7%9.6%10

The results were determined by public voting (50%) and jury voting (50%). After the results were revealed, the jury members and the songwriters decided that the two winning singers will compete with “Ertegı älemı”.

From 819 submissions, an expert jury chose 30 acts to be uploaded to the Khabar website. Between October 8 and October 12, a public vote decided the 10 acts to advance to Saturday’s live final.

About Junior Eurovision 2021

Only days after Valentina’s win, the EBU were quick to confirm that we will be travelling to France for the 19th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The contest will take place on December 19th at La Seine Musicale. The slogan of the contest will be Imagine, and the logo was unveiled in August. At this time it is uncertain if the contest will be held in person or remotely once more. Recently the EBU outlined a series of planned scenarios to satisfy the conditions at the time.

In total, the following 19 countries have been confirmed by the EBU as taking part in the 19th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest:

  • Albania – Anna Gjebrea
  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan – Sona Azizova
  • Bulgaria – Deny & Marti
  • France – Enzo
  • Germany – Pauline
  • Georgia
  • Ireland – Maiú Levi Lawlor
  • Italy
  • Kazakhstan – Beknur Jánibekuly & Álınur Khamzin
  • Malta – Ike and Kaya
  • Netherlands – Ayana
  • North Macedonia – Dajte Muzika
  • Poland – Sara James
  • Portugal – Simão Oliveira
  • Russia – Tanya Mezhentseva
  • Serbia – Jovana and Dunja
  • Spain – Levi Díaz
  • Ukraine – Olena Usenko

Among the 19 we see returns for Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Ireland, Italy, North Macedonia and Portugal. However there are withdrawals for Australia again, and of course the expulsion of Belarus. The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021 will be broadcast live on December 19 and starts at 17:00 CET.

Tickets for the rehearsal show and Grand Final went on sale on Wednesday 3 November.

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