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Georgia chooses Circus Mircus for Eurovision 2022

Circus academy dropouts Circus Mircus cause Sunday morning surprise

Circus Mircus have been selected to represent Georgia at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin. In a surprise announcement this morning, sonically unique group confirmed their participation through Eurovision.tv. Two days ago, GPB already said they had chosen an interesting concept of band members for 2022 and now we know what they’re called!

Who are Circus Mircus?

Truth be told, even Eurovision.tv seems a little unsure of who Circus Mircus are. Looking at their social media, they are not the biggest name in Georgian music. With 75 monthly listeners on Spotify and just shy of 1,500 followers on both Facebook and about 200 on Instagram, this sure is a surprising name. The songs the group have released on Spotify have all been written by the group themselves.

Circus Mircus describe themselves as circus academy dropouts and consider themselves the worst in the circus crew. In their music, they try to neglect as many of the common frameworks as potentially possible. They formed in late 2020 and released songs under curious titles such as The Ode to Bishkek Stone and Weather Support.

In a supposed letter that dropped through the Geneva mailbox this morning, Circus Mircus sort of explain who they are. They also recorded a video with the same information, which you can watch below:

More information on who the band members are and what they are bringing to Turin will follow at a later date. For now, check out their song The Ode to Bishkek Stone below… And let us know what you think about Georgia’s decision for Eurovision 2022!

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