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Hurricane release new music video ‘Set The World On Fire’

Serbian Eurovision 2021 entrants Hurricane have released a new music video for their song ‘Set The World On Fire’. The girl group have dropped a new video at the tail end of December to give fans a new song to enjoy over the holiday period!

Set The World On Fire

The latest of Hurricane’s singles is ‘Set The World On Fire’, though the band have remained prolific. They released Do Neba in the summer as an immediate post-Rotterdam release. Since-then, they have released a number of other singles, including ‘Legalan’ and ‘Koreci’. ‘Set The World On Fire’ is an English-language single, which represents a departure from the Serbian they’ve often chosen to sing in following their Eurovision entries.

The music video shows them in a multi-coloured box and with back-up dancers dancing to the beat of this upbeat Eurodance single. The song was written by a team of writers including Carl Ryden and Nermin Harambašić as producers. Ryden may be familiar to some as a credited writer on songs for Steps (‘Scared Of The Dark’ + others), Nano (‘Hold On’) and Havana Brown (‘Ba*Bing’).

The song is not currently on streaming services. However, according to the video description, it will be added to those services soon.

Hurricane in the Eurovision Song Contest

Before it was cancelled, Hurricane were originally due to participate in Eurovision 2020 with ‘Hasta La Vista’ after winning the Serbian selection Beovizijia. However, after cancellation, RTS confirmed that Hurricane would return for Serbia at Eurovision 2021 in November 2020. This year, after going through an internal selection process, their 2021 entry was selected, called ‘Loco Loco’.

At the 2021 contest Hurricane captured the hearts of enough voters to head to the Grand Final. During the Final ‘Loco Loco’ finished in 15th place with 102 points. This was Serbia’s highest placing since 2015. Back in Serbia, this success translated to their highest viewing figures since 2012, with 2.5 million views and a 43.1% share. Meanwhile the Semi-Final 2 show achieved Serbia’s highest ever ratings.

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