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Una Voce per San Marino song titles revealed

From "Stripper" to "Tiramisù" in San Marino

The eighteen song titles for the finalists of Una Voce per San Marino have been revealed. Over the past few days, we heard some titles popping up during the semifinals, but for the established artists, most titles are new. San Marino will once again provide entertainment, with song titles ranging from Tiramisù to Stripper. We’re in for a ride!

Una Voce per San Marino: The finalists

In tonight’s two-hour show, eighteen acts will battle it out for the right to represent San Marino at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin. On the list, we see familiar names. Festival di Sanremo 2022 entrant Achille Lauro, who performed shirtless and with booze in Italy, will now sing Stripper. Sanremo 2010 winner Valerio Scanu will sing in Italian with his entry Io credo. Got Talent España 2016 winner Cristina Ramos will deliver the popera entry Heartless Game. Ivana Spagna, who scored a worldwide hit 35 years ago, will now sing Seriously In Love.

Some of the songs are out on YouTube, others aren’t yet. You can find the list below!

A national final for San Marino

It is the first time since 2018 that San Marino have organised a national final to determine their entry. Back then, Jessika and Jenifer Brening won 1in360 with Who We Are. Jessika is now back to fight her way to Eurovision, after winning the wildcard in Malta’s MESC earlier today.

Originally, ten established artists were set to take part in Una Voce per San Marino. However, Blind has been forced to withdraw due to health related reasons. A total of nine acts qualified through preliminary rounds, which have taken place over the past couple of days.

Senhit and Jonathan Kashanian will host tonight’s show to find out who will succeed Senhit herself and Flo Rida as San Marino’s entrant for the Eurovision Song Contest. Last year in Rotterdam, the duo finished in 22nd place with their Adrenalina despite high expectations all around.

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