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The Netherlands start their search for their Eurovision 2023 entry

The Netherlands have kicked off their search for their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. Broadcaster AVROTROS have opened submissions in order to find their entry for next year. Read more about what the Netherlands are looking for below!

The Netherlands at Eurovision 2023: “An authentic sound”

Like in 2022, AVROTROS have put a description on their website to announce what they’re looking for for Eurovision. The most important thing for the Dutch broadcaster is a song with “an authentic sound”. Preferably, the song should tell a personal story in a contemporary way.

The members of the selection committee are the same as they have been since 2019. AVROTROS director Eric van Stade is there, alongside longtime commentator Cornald Maas. Last year’s Eurovision host Jan Smit also returns, as do Coen Swijnenberg and Sander Lantinga, radio DJs in the country. The fifth member is the team leader of the online editors at AVROTROS, Joyce Hoedelmans. Head of Delegation Lars Lourenco will oversee the process.

Artists and songwriters who wish to submit an entry, can do so until 31st August 2022. The songs, as we know, should not have been released commercially before that date. Contrary to the years 2013 until 2019, AVROTROS want a nearly finished product before deciding who will represent them. In their press release, they say:

AVROTROS or the selection committee will not set up a trajectory(s) with an artist/songwriter to come to a (final) product. It is expected that a (demo) song of artist/songwriter with the above criteria will be brought to the attention of the selection committee at an advanced stage.

Aiming to crack the top ten?

The Netherlands now have six consecutive Grand Final participations. In total, they’ve taken part on the Saturday in eight out of the last nine contests, with only Trijntje Oosterhuis failing to qualify in 2015. In those years, the Dutch finished eleventh three times: 2016, 2017 and this year, when S10 took #11 in Turin with her #1 hit single “De Diepte”.

With the Dutch submissions opening, it’s fair to assume that the rumour mill will start going once again. It will very likely include another DJ proposal, Maan and Davina Michelle. Whether any of those are actually going to submit a song to AVROTROS, is yet to be seen.

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