New Music Friday – this week with Brooke, Hurricane, Subwoolfer, Loreen and more!

Ten of the best new songs from Eurovision artists!

Another week comes to an end and that means it’s New Music Friday! So it’s time to share the best new releases from the Eurovision world, and they’re busier than ever as the door on the 2022 season closes. Over the following pages is everything you need to know for your weekend playlists!

Brooke – ‘Tongues’

First up on New Music Friday is Ireland’s Eurovision 2022 representative Brooke Scullion. Although Turin ended in non-qualification for ‘That’s Rich‘, Brooke is back and ready to set ‘Tongues’ wagging with her first single post-contest. Fresh for the Summer, ‘Tongues’ showcases more of Brooke’s vocals, as it pulsates with catchy electronic beats.

Hurricane – ‘Gospodine’

Recently Hurricane announced the sad news that their contract as a trio will not be renewed beyond September. However to wish their fans farewell and to ease the pain, Hurricane have released new single ‘Gospodine’. As well as this, a final tour and further releases are set ahead of the split.

Subwoolfer – ‘Space Kelly’

During their time in Turin, our favourite alien space wolves got to know earthling Mika. From there, Subwoolfer and DJ Astronaut have paid tribute to the 2022 host with this ‘Grace Kelly’ spoof. Among the lyrics, they celebrate their top 10 result for Norway, whilst also making some cheeky references to their new Eurovision friends!

Loreen – ‘Neon Lights’

Often talked about as one of the greatest Eurovision winners, of course there’s always a spotlight on Loreen’s career. However it’s the ‘Neon Lights’ in focus now, as Loreen celebrates the tenth anniversary since ‘Euphoria‘ took victory in Baku. The synth-laden anthem sparks a new chapter of electronic discovery for Loreen, with more new music on the way throughout 2022.

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