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1in360 releases a “Brand Identity Redesign” for the second edition

On August 8th, 2018, 1in360 posted a video on their Facebook page that comprised of a “redesign” of the 1in360 brand. This announcement comes months after the London based competition expressed intent for a second edition.

1in360 is one of the newest additions to the family of Eurovision national selections, and was one of the most intriguing selections in the 2018 Eurovision season. The contest was open to acts across the world for a chance to represent San Marino in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.

Shortly after the winner of the contest was chosen, 1in360 made an announcement on their official Facebook page, stating that they “have every intention to come back next year with a bigger and better selection…” Though the winning entry did not succeed in Lisbon, the selection still showed a lot of promise for the micronation, which has only qualified once out of nine attempts.

What’s different?

In the video posted on the 1in360 Facebook page, we are introduced to the 5 “core values” of the contest. These include inclusiveness, across boundaries, creativity, uniqueness, and premium content. The video states that the goal of 1in360 is to “…carry these values to new talent and audiences across the world.”

Also, a new 1in360 logo is revealed in this video. Replacing the original ribbon-like star logo is a geometric and three-dimensional star design. The new design is also displayed on designs for tickets and advertising.

Further, the video hints at many new technological advancements. Shown in the video is the updated look of the competition’s official website. More notably, the video shows the prospect of a 1in360 mobile app, where you can listen to the songs in the national final. Also, the user can watch performances in 360 hehe degree VR and from multiple perspectives, including from the judge’s couch.

Why is this important?

1in360 was already a daring project. The competition was seen as San Marino’s last shot to reach the final, considering that the small nation’s participation was in jeopardy. While San Marino did not qualify, the competition was seen as a great step towards success in the contest.

The Eurovision community knew that the first edition wasn’t perfect, and so did the organizers. The organizers vowed to make improvements to the competition, and they took that vow to heart. If all of these improvements do come to fruition, we may have an amazing selection on our hands.

And success for San Marino may just be in store after all.

Are you excited to see another edition of 1in360? Let us know in the comments!

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