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Nemo and Joost separated by one vote in the latest Audience Poll

Yesterday, sixteen acts took to the stage to complete their first and second dress rehearsals for Semi-Final 2 of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. As the dust settled on the Malmö Arena, the Eurovision 2024 Audience Poll team asked members of the audience who their favourite act of the night was.

Before we begin, we should clarify that disruptions along the Øresund Bridge, led to many fans staying in Copenhagen, arriving late to the evening show. Thus, many fans missed several performances at the start. Also, technical issues during Belgium’s initial performance allowed Belgium an opportunity to perform again after the remaining acts had finished.

The Netherlands and Switzerland dominate second Audience Poll

In this second edition of the Eurovision Audience Poll, run by a collective of six fan media platforms (, ESC Insight, The Euro Trip Podcast, That Eurovision Site, 12 Points From America and OGAE Sweden), two clear standouts emerged. Only one vote separated Switzerland’s Nemo and Netherlands’ Joost, who received 624 (25.74%) and 623 (25.7%), respectively.

Following the leaders at a considerable distance to round out the podium, is Greece with 184 votes, (7.59%). Perhaps a surprise to some, is Estonia leading the charge for the podium, sitting in fourth place with 144 votes, (5.94%). Despite the bookmakers currently predicting Estonia to be a borderline qualifier Saturday’s Grand Final.

Elsewhere we see a competitive battle in the midfield pack. Just four votes separate Belgium in sixth, (4.62%) Israel in seventh, (4.58%) and Norway in eighth, (4.46%). Demonstrating the fine margins in play for those looking at the chances to qualify and trying to make predictions on the outcome.

Rounding off the top ten, we see Ladaniva for Armenia, (3.47%) and Denmark’s Saba, (3.18%). In a shock result, it is Georgia who just miss out by five votes, (2.97%). At the bottom of the scoreboard, we see Czechia, (1.90%) San Marino, (1.65%) Malta, (1.44%) Albania, (0.83%) and Latvia, (0.41%) with Dons receiving just 10 votes from the public.

Analysing the second Audience Poll results

Compared to previous expectations from bookmakers, fans and the Press Poll, there are some surprising conclusions. Both the Press Poll and the Audience Pollproduced vastly different results. Indicating the volatile nature of trying to predict this Semi-Final. Yet, at the top of the polls, one act remained consistent. Switzerland’s Nemo won both and with that, outlined their credentials as a serious contender to challenge Baby Lasagna: the star of the first round of polling. Many had predicted The Netherlands to be a runaway winner of the Semi-Final, due to it being public voting only in this show and performing last in the running order. But, with just one vote between the top two in the Audience Poll, perhaps the battle is closer than we and the bookmakers believe.

Elsewhere we see a strong showing for Greece, who came third in both polls. Suggesting that jury and televoting potential is there for the Balkan nation. They will be hoping to get a good return following their non-qualification in Liverpool. It also indicates that the unique concept of the social media style stage performance will translate through the camera.

One country performing well above expectations, is Estonia. Despite a poor reaction from those watching in the press centre, the evening show guests gave Estonia 144 votes. Only 40 votes off the podium spots. Is this favouritism from the Swedish and Danish fans towards a near neighbour? Or is this a sign that we have underestimated the Baltic nation? Could Estonia’s charming performance recreate the love that Turin viewers had for Moldova’s, ‘Trenulețul’?

Although, if neighbour favouritism is a factor, then the friendship of Sweden and Denmark to their Scandinavian sister, Norway needs a lot of work! During last night’s polling, Norway only placed eighth with the voters. Somewhat surprising after they stormed to second in the Press Poll. Perhaps then, this underlines the jury appeal of the performance. The stage show elements clearly hold enough interest for the viewers. Meanwhile Denmark who are predicted by the bookmakers to not qualify, managed to sneak through in tenth place above Georgia. However, only five votes separated the pair. Of course, it is worth noting that Danish fans are sixth on the semifinal two list for tickets sales, and are fourth for overall sales. Both Denmark and Georgia leave the remaining acts trailing by a distance. Suggesting how close the margin between qualifying or not, may be tonight.

Another curious point of interest to note, is Malta. Earlier we highlighted the challenges faced by fans trying to attend the show. In the Audience Poll, Malta placed fourteenth. Could attendees missing Malta’s performance have played a part? Is the unique choreography stunt enough of a vote-grabber? The press audience thought so, ranking Malta in fifth place. In the end, only the emotions and phones of the live viewers will decided who is worthy enough to make the Grand Final.

The Eurovision Audience Poll returns on Friday

The second Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 will take place tonight at 20:00 BST. Sixteen acts will battle for ten tickets to the Grand Final on Saturday. Make sure you tune in to find out who will make it through.

On Friday, the Eurovision 2024 Audience Poll will return for its third outing. Our team will once again hit the streets of Malmö to ask the audience about their favourites after watching the second dress rehearsal of the Grand Final. Members of, ESC Insight, The Euro Trip Podcast, That Eurovision Site, 12 Points From America and OGAE Sweden will join forces again to make sure we will all know what the audience thought of the Grand Final.

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