National finals revisited: From Erika Vikman to Elvana Gjata [Part 1]

Matt Baker:
Monique – Make Me Human (Lithuania)

The new shortened format and branding of the Lithuanian national final this year meant we were treated to a fresh approach from our Baltic friends. The changes were carefully considered after music industry feedback, which is why we ended up seeing one of Lithuania’s biggest stars, Monique, take part. The song “Make Me Human” had all the ingredients for an impressively staged Eurovision entry: authenticity, storytelling/emotionally connected, confident performer with great song, and the potential for huge visuals. The song was memorable, if not a little simple, and could be put in the same bracket as Billie Eilish and similar contemporaries.

It wouldn’t have won the Eurovision Song Contest but it would have been an incredible entry that Lithuania could have been very proud of. The Roop were a firm local favourite in the end and deserved to win Pabandom iš naujo, but it will be Monique that will stay in the memory for me. I, for one, hope the team at LRT can coax her back again another year.

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