National finals revisited: From Erika Vikman to Elvana Gjata [Part 1]

Tom Ryan:
Elis Mraz & Čis T – Wanna Be Like (Czech Republic)

Going into the third year of their national final format, I was expecting big things from the Czech Republic. And as if by magic, “Wanna Be Like” come along. I have to admit, I personally believe it’s the best song out of the three years of Eurovision Song CZ, and it was robbed of the win this year.

Especially now I’ve heard Benny’s revamp, it reminds me even more why Elis & Cis should have made it to Rotterdam. The Latin vibes of the song are amazing and used well in the whole package of the song and this song could have easily brought a top 5 result in Rotterdam. Just one of the many amazing songs that got lost in this year’s national final season!

Click through to the next page, below the emojis, to see what Wivian Renee Kristiansen has chosen!

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