National finals revisited: From Erika Vikman to Elvana Gjata [Part 1]

Nathan Picot:
Elvana Gjata – Me Tana (Albania)

Well where do we start with this one? I know! Right from the start of this National Final season. When Elvana was announced to be competing in Festival i Kenges I was so shook that one of Albania’s biggest stars was competing in what I thought was a stuffy show. But boy she TURNED the party with one of the bangers of the season and remains one of my biggest highlights and lowlights of the NF season.

I won’t lie to you having to break the news that Arilena won FiK instead of Elvana here for my 50th post for the site broke me a little as I was desperate to break that Elvana won! She had one of the best stagings of the season and her vocals were on point throughout and who could forget the legendary dance breakdown WITH hankies! ICONIQUE! What a performer! What a song! This won’t be forgotten quickly that’s for sure. The biggest upset being the first upset of the season? I think so!

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