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🇳🇴 KEiiNO & Electric Fields release ‘Would I Lie’

A powerful message from Mother Nature

Most of the world is in lockdown, but we’re never locked out of new music! This week KEiiNO have finally released their collaboration with Electric Fields. New single ‘Would I Lie’ is a message to humanity from Mother Nature.

A confluence of culture

The collaboration we’ve been waiting for is ready for our virtual discos! KEiiNO and Electric Fields are separated by the continents, yet they unite in a love of culture through music. Last year KEiiNO announced their plans to reward Australia’s televote score for ‘Spirit In The Sky’ with a tour. Whilst Down Under the group began work on their debut album. The concept to bring Joik to all corners of the globe drew them to work with Australia Decides 2019 runners up Electric Fields.

Michael & Zaachariah also known as Electric Fields, with their similar goal to showcase indigenous Australian language through music, relished the opportunity. So their twinned souls created ‘Would I Lie’.

We love this song and loved working with KEiiNO. Creating music together was a beautiful, free-flowing experience, with our shared respect for our mother planet being reflected in the lyrics.

Electric Fields

‘Would I Lie’

Out today, ‘Would I Lie’ is the second in a series of indigenous collaboration KEiiNO have released with other artists. Previously they dropped the delicious snack ‘Black Leather‘ with Canadian artist Charlotte Qamaniq. Which we talked about with the band during the Melfest WKND event. Now Tom, Fred and Alexandra want to unite the world with the help Electric Fields. The unique energy of this supergroup has resulted in the familiar infectious beats laced in layers of a powerful topical message.

Many neighbours will complain as you play this anthem loud during your isolation raves! Again we have another exploration of sounds with the House and EDM elements. Meanwhile Electric Fields are given space to shine. As they harmonise perfectly with Alexandra’s vocals and Fred’s Joik for a cultural symphony. Also watch out for Tom doing a Sami rap in the middle eight!

I did love you baby,
Even though you’re poison,
You’re the fire, you’re the pain,
You’re nothing without me.


However it’s the lyrics that are the real punch. Taking us away from the virtual dance floor to reflect on current events with the global Covid-19 pandemic. From Earth’s point of view, the song tells the story of its give and take relationship with humanity. How it fills us with life and abundant resources, but also how we as humans don’t always respect it in the best way. Thus Mother Nature can bite back.

Working with Michael & Zaachariah was amazing. We share a lot of values, and it was easy to find a topic that both groups find important. We strive to add substance to our songs, and ‘Would I Lie’ was written as an intended warning letter from Mother Earth. Four months later, the topic is more current than ever.

Tom Hugo, (KEiiNO)

KEiiNO in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019

As one of the fan favourites, they won Europe and Australia’s hearts, coming top in the televote. They placed sixth overall with a total of 331 points. Thus achieving Norway’s highest points total last decade and best result since Margaret Berger placed fourth in 2013 with ‘I Feed You My Love’. Their platinum debut single, ‘Spirit In The Sky’ was nominated for ‘Song of the Year’ at the Norwegian Grammys and has won 4 Scandipop-awards. Since then the trio have toured from London to Australia, releasing hit after hit, such as ‘Praying‘ and ‘Colours‘.

Electric Fields in Australia Decides 2019

Last year the duo of Michael Ross & Zaachariah Fielding took part in Australia’s first ever selection show, Eurovision: Australia Decides. Although Kate Miller-Heidke was the eventual winner, Electric Fields made new fans at home and abroad. With their soulful anthem ‘2000 and Whatever’ they combine living traditional First Nations culture with electronic music. This has seen them earn a prestigious ARIA nomination. They have also won three National Live Music Awards. Following the show Electric Fields went on to tour the country, as well as becoming the Australian spokespeople during the Eurovision 2019 Grand Final. Earlier this year they declined the chance to return to Australia Decides.

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