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πŸ‡¬πŸ‡ͺ Official: Sandra Gadelia to represent Georgia at the 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest

The 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest line-up is officially complete, as Ranina finishes up its season, with Sandra Gadelia officially being confirmed at Georgia’s 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest representative,

The official confirmation from Georgia comes, after the official 2020 Junior Eurovision album was released earlier, where Sandra’s entry ‘You Are Not Alone’ was part of the album.

The line-up for the 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest officially complete

With Georgia finally wrapping up the latest season of ‘Ranina’ the official line-up of the 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest is as follows:

Georgia at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Since debuting in 2007, Georgia hasn’t missed out on a single contest and has enjoyed great results. In fact, the country holds the record for most victories, being the only country that won three times. Georgia first won in 2008 with Bzikekb and their song “Bzz..“, then again in 2011 with Candy’s “Candy Music” and finally in 2016 with Mariam Mamadashvili and her song “Mzeo“.

Besides, they also came second twice in 2012 with Funkids and 2017 with Grigol Kipshidze. They also only missed out on being in the top 10 once in 2014 with 2017’s host Lizi Pop. Georgia also hosted the Junior Eurovision in 2017 in its capital Tbilisi, the first time the country hosted a Eurovision-related event. Their entrant, Grigol Kipshidze, narrowly missed out on giving Georgia its fourth victory, finishing second just 4 points shy of the trophy.

For their recent attempt in 2019, Georgia opted to select Giorgi Rostiashvili for Gliwice-Silesia, with the song ‘We Need Love’. During his participation at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Giorgi managed to place 14th with 69 points from the juries and online viewers.

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