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XTRA DECIDES: πŸ‡΅πŸ‡± Daria – Paranoia

XTRA Decides continues this Eurovision 2022 season. In this feature the team here at ESCXTRA rank the national final songs, giving our choice of the winner. We are ranking the songs using the Eurovision style 12-1 scoring system. We’ve now chosen Daria with ‘Paranoia’ as our winner of Poland’s national selection.

Our Scores

1Daria – Paranoia814
2Krystian Ochman – River691
3Kuba Szmajkowski – Lovesick571
4Karolina Stanisławczyk & Chica Toro – Move531
5Ania Byrcyn – Dokąd500
6Siostry Szlachta – Drogowskazy400
7Unmute – Głośniej niż decybele371
8Karolina Lizer – Czysta woda320
9Lidia Kopania – Why does it hurt230
10Emilia Dębska (Mila) – All I need210


Isabella (12pts)

Daria’s “Paranoia” has a really infectious beat throughout that honestly makes me want to dance along each time I listen to it! I’m curious to see how this will be staged as the song is quite interactive, in the sense that a crowd could easily join in with Daria during the chorus. Whilst the song itself could do more to show off Daria’s great vocals and has a repetitive beat, this is in a good way, as the chorus is a bit of an earworm and pretty memorable.

Lisa (10pts)

Easily one of the standouts of the Polish selection! This is everything I enjoy about Eastern European music. The pulsing, almost Russian sounding, EDM beats and catchy repetitiveness of both the melody and the lyrics. I just know this is going to be the disaster bop we talk about all year. Mainly because of the heavy vocal effects, which will make a live performance difficult. But ‘Paranoia’ has a story that can be turned into fun, Lady Gaga style staging that could give it the edge over the others on the night.

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