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All Together Now to be used to select Eurovision 2023 representative for Cyprus?

OGAE Greece and Phileleftheros have reported that Cyprus will use All Together Now to select their entrant for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. Rumours of a national final format are not new, but this is the first time more details are coming out.

All Together Now – Eurovision style

Talent shows as Eurovision selection processes aren’t new. Malta, Israel and Georgia have all tried several formats in the past couple of years. Cyprus also announced their intention to go for a national final in 2023 as early as October 2021, even before they announced Andromache for Turin. Back then, Giorgos Arsenakos of PANIK Records suggested a talent show format would be on the cards for the island nation next year.

It now seems Arsenakos was right. CyBC are set to introduce All Together Now as their seleciton process. The show has been on TV in many European countries. Chantal Janzen, who hosted the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, hosts the Dutch version, with Michael Rice emerging victorious from a UK series. Cyprus are however going to switch things up a little.

All Together Now is a format where a singer auditions in front of a panel consisting of 100 music professionals. This goes from singers to music executives. The more panellists stand up for the performance, the higher the score. According to OGAE Greece, the panel on All Together Now in Cyprus will consist of many Eurostars from Greece and Cyprus. They will be accompanied by composers and musicians from all sorts of music styles in both countries. Eurovision fans who are part of an official fan club in Greece or Cyprus may also be invited to be on the panel.

According to the reports, the show would commence in October and air on Saturday nights. OGAE Greece suggest that “big names” from Cyprus and Greece may participate in the competition. Nikos Koklonis will be hosting the show.

Cyprus at Eurovision: Back to a national final

CyBC are no strangers to longer selection processes. Their last national final happened in 2015 and was called the Eurovision Song Project. After nine weeks Giannis or John Karagiannis emerged victorious with “One Thing I Should Have Done”. The national final was also good news for runner-ups Minus One, as they received a ticket to Eurovision 2016. Fourth place Hovig also got his Eurovision adventure, in 2017.

Afer the three Eurovision Song Project alumni, Cyprus switched it up and went for Greek pop singers ever since. It brought them three final qualifications with Eleni Foureira, Tamta and Elena Tsagrinou. This year, Andromache brought the Greek language back to the Eurovision stage for Cyprus for the first time since 2013. She sadly failed to qualify with her “Ela”, despite being a televote qualifier.

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