Our New Music Friday top 10 of 2022

Check out our round-up of 2022 and how the team ranked the entries!

Over the past few days we at ESCXTRA have poured over the archives of New Music Friday releases throughout 2022. Here we have picked out ten of the best and asked the team to rank the contenders. So which songs made the cut and what was the team’s overall ranking? Let’s find out!

10. 🇧🇬 Kristian Kostov – ‘Built Different’ – (22 Points)

First up on our New Music Friday top 10 of 2022 countdown is Bulgaria’s 2017 runner-up Kristian Kostov. Since then, Kristian has continued to develop and adapt his sound and music themes with the times, to prove his music is ‘Built Different’ too. In this single, Kristian explored hyper-pop elements and reminded us to embrace all our unique qualities.

Spotify: 42k/YouTube: 115k

Best scores: 6 – Bente


Once again Russia’s representatives from the lost 2020 contest, Little Big feature in our list, placing ninth, as they did last year. After denouncing Russia for its actions in Ukraine, Little Big fled the country to resettle in the US. Never far from the headlines and now free to live and create music as they choose, the band left a parting shot to their former nation in the song, ‘GENERATION CANCELLATION’. Much like their discography, Little Big uses their familiar catchy hooks to spread a message of peace and call out the use of propaganda.

Spotify: 1mill/YouTube: 14mill

Best scores: Isaac – 8

8. 🇳🇴 Subwoolfer – ‘Space Kelly’ – (25 Points)

After top 10 success in Turin, Subwoolfer continued to spread their love of grandmas across the galaxy with hits such as, ‘Melocoton‘ and ‘Having Grandma Here For Christmas‘. However it was ‘Space Kelly’ that caught everyone’s attention to the yellow intergalactic wolves. For once it was not grandma that was the apple or rather, banana of Keith, Jim and DJ Astronaut’s eye, but a certain Eurovision host in this witty tribute to Mika’s ‘Grace Kelly’. Together the group playfully teases their fellow Eurovision participants, as well as all the wild theories of who is behind the masks.

YouTube: 1.3mill

Best scores: Lisa, Nick – 5

7. 🇬🇧 Sigala, David Guetta, Sam Ryder – ‘Living Without You’ – (41 Points)

Nobody can live without Eurovision 2022 runner-up, Sam Ryder. During the biggest year of his career to date, Sam completed what many would consider a music bucket list. From reaching number 2 in the UK chart, a BRITs nomination, performing for royalty and seeing in the New Year with a BBC special, there is no stopping this space man! Somehow in his busy calendar, Sam found time to collaborate with global DJs, Sigala and David Guetta on ‘Living Without You’. A fun anthem that reminds us we definitely can’t live without our Summer soundtracks!

Spotify: 18.6mill/YouTube: 2.2mill

Best scores: Tom O – 10, Nathan P – 8

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