Rotterdam 2021

Happy Eurovision New Year! A Round-Up of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 so far

The clock has just struck midnight in Central Europe and this can only mean one thing.

Let the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 season begin!!!!

This means that we are eight months away until we are taken to Rotterdam for the 65th Edition of the competition. Why not have a read below of what we currently know and what we should expect for next year’s competition.

Even though, the 2020 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest was cancelled, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. the organisers are working hard, in order to ensure the event takes place:

In an ever-changing and challenging environment, the EBU and its Members are more than aware of the difficulties of planning a complicated global broadcast with many international stakeholders 12 months from now.

The EBU will, therefore, work with its Members and the host broadcasters of 2021 to ensure the continuity of the event in a number of different scenarios.

EBU on the FAQ page, if there is an alternative plan

What to expect from #Rotterdam2021

During Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light in May, it was revealed that Rotterdam will get its chance to host the contest in 2021. The 2021 edition of the competition, is set to be held on the third week of May. With the Semi-Finals taking place on May 18 and May 20, with the Grand Final taking place on May 22.

In addition to the Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Rotterdam, the organisers have already revealed rule changes for 2021. The one known rule change known is that pre-recorded backing vocals will be allowed for the 2021 competition. You are able to watch our thoughts below:

Who’s currently in and who’s out?

The following countries have confirmed that they will be attending the party in Rotterdam. Some of the participating Broadcasters have even confirmed plans on how they will be selecting their representatives:

The following countries have participated previously, but have not publicly confirmed their participation for next year’s competition:

In addition to the above, it was revealed that the EBU has no plans to invite either Kazakshtan or Kosovo at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest.

The following countries have also confirmed that they will not be participating in next year’s competition.

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One Comment

  1. I feel that backing vocals are important to have \’live\’ as all people on the Eurovision stage often tell a story through the song. The interaction of backing singers with the lead singer can be quite an integral part of the song as they use gestures and eye contact to create atmosphere and enhance story line. In my mind, a recorded backing completely negates the atmosphere and feeling a good Eurovision song is trying to project to the audience. Please..please consider using \’live\’ backing to produce a good, all-round interactive Eurovision song performance.
    I have just composed a song for the UK entry 2021. It is light-hearted, fun and has a \’cracking \’hook\’ which will be difficult to shake off the moment you hear it. And, yes, \’live\’ backing singers will really help.
    Having followed Eurovision for about 4 decades now, both as a Music teacher and a super fan, I feel I now have a great formula for producing a catchy Eurovision song.
    Great to announce it on this forum as I really hope someone can tell me how to enter my song so it can be considered for UK entry. Please get in touch via email as I am desperate to release my song to the UK public as soon as possible.
    Looking forward to Eurovision 2021 and here\’s hoping I get a shot at entering my song into the unique, fantastic and exciting world that is the \’Eurovision Song Contest\’.

    Happy Eurovision and …continue to stay safe.


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