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Eurovision 2021: What we know so far

Details of next year's contest are emerging week-by-week, but here's what we know so far...

Last month, on the 18th March, the Eurovision fan community was rocked by the news of the cancellation of the 2020 contest. The rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic left organisers with little option but to cancel for the sake of public safety.

However, a number of updates from 2020 artists, broadcasters and the EBU have already began to emerge regarding the 2021 contest. Although no one can predict what the global situation will be like by May 2021, the EBU is currently looking ahead to the organisation of the next contest. For the moment, one thing is certain – the 2020 entries will NOT be eligible for the next edition of the contest, whenever that is.

At present, NPO and AVROTROS are likely to be the hosts of the next contest, having won the previous edition. Rotterdam is also likely to remain the host city. However, this may well change in the coming months. In the meantime, we know that the EBU will be broadcasting Europe Shine A Light as an alternative broadcast for the 16th of May. The show will not contain voting, but will feature the 2020 entries in some capacity.

Many nations are yet to confirm their participation in the next contest, and the EBU yet to finalise details of their plans for 2021. However, we have collated the information we know so far…

The artists

To date (as of March 31st), 12 of the artists from Eurovision 2020 have been confirmed for the 2021 contest. The majority of these artists were internally-selected by the broadcasters, but not all. As European countries gain more certainty of their domestic situations regarding COVID-19, more confirmations are to be expected in the coming months. Of course, this also means that the decisions announced below could be changed/altered between now and 2021 also…

At the time of writing, the artists confirmed for Eurovision 2021 so far are:

Tim, Julian and Costa reacted to the first 10 artist announcements for Eurovision 2021, which you can watch below:

The selections

As mentioned above, most of the initial broadcasters to confirm their 2021 artist were those that selected these artists internally. For broadcasters who run annual national selections, the decision is less clear-cut. Selecting the winner of their 2020 national final winner internally would mean discarding hours of broadcast media. For many, such as Iceland, these shows are among their most-watched of the year. For countries like Sweden and Norway, their selections have been running for decades and are national events.

With this in mind, here are the countries that have confirmed that they will be hosting national finals next year to select their 2021 entries:

Other countries

With 21 countries confirming their intentions/terms of participation for next year’s contest, this leaves 20 countries who were due to participate in the 2020 contest left. We expect that the remaining broadcasters will publish more information in the coming months, depending on the current climate.

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