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In a Press Conference, held by TVP for the 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, a few updates have been revealed for this year’s contest. This includes the hosts of this year’s contest, as well as a performance of the revamped version of Alicja Tracz’s entry ‘I’ll Be Standing’.

However, additional information has been revealed about this year’s contest. Originally, when the participating countries for the 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest was released, it was confirmed that their entries will be done remotely. Now that we are getting closer to the contest, it was revealed that some delegations will be travelling to Warsaw to record their performances.

Delegations were initially invited to Warsaw to record their performance

Konrad Smuga, the creative director of the 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest revealed that initially, the delegations were invited to Warsaw in order to record their performances. However, unfortunately due to various reasons, they were unable to do so, and decided for the participating countries to record their performances at home.

However, during the press conference it was revealed that some delegations will now make their way to Warsaw. The reason for this, is mainly due to the financial aspect e.g. not every broadcaster, would have the financial capability to pay for the stage that will be required to record their performance.

With this new information revealed, some delegations have now accelerated their plans for their performance. At the time of writing, it is currently unknown how many delegations will be making their way to Warsaw. But the organisers are ensuring that participants will be on equal footing (e.g. similar scenes, cameras, producers etc.), for all the participants.

Junior Eurovision 2020 – what we know so far

Junior Eurovision 2020 is to be held on November 29 in the Polish capital of Warsaw. The slogan for the show is ‘Move The World’. Following Viki Gabor’s victory on home soil in 2019, this will mark TVP’s second consecutive time hosting. 

Note, unlike previous years, the show is due to be held in a TV studio, rather than an arena. The venue itself is yet to be confirmed, and will either be ATM Studio or Transcolor Studio. 

The following countries (and entries) have been confirmed to be taking part in the contest:

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