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XTRA DECIDES: πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ Felicia Lu – Anxiety

XTRA Decides continues this Eurovision 2022 season. In this feature the team here at ESCXTRA rank the national final songs, giving our choice of the winner. We are ranking the songs using the Eurovision style 12-1 scoring system. We’ve now chosen Felicia Lu with “Anxiety” as our winner of ‘Germany 12 Points’.

Our Scores

1Felicia Lu – Anxiety1047
2Emily Roberts – Soap811
3Nico Suave & Team Liebe – Hallo Welt701
4Malik Harris – Rockstars660
5Maël & Jonas – I Swear To God590
6Eros Atomus – Alive550


Sami (12pts)

I wouldn’t say Germany 12 points is the weakest national selection this year, something that most seem to think, but it is hard to find a song that would do particularly well at the Eurovision Song Contest. However, I think that “Anxiety” is the song that is the most memorable and the most impactful from the songs in this selection. The hook is very catchy and Felicia Lu reminds me of Lena, which is not a bad thing at all. I am very excited for the new version of the song too, as it is true that the song gets bit repetitive towards the end.

Costa (12pts)

Like many fans, I am simply ‘whelmed’ by Germany 12 Points. Germany is not a country I tend to check for in the contest, and I don’t see that changing this year. However, “Anxiety” would bring a different sound and POV to the current batch of songs. There’s a radio-friendliness to the song that I think would make it a justifiable Big 5 entry, especially alongside “Brividi” and “SloMo”. It’s not a winner, but there’s an expensiveness to it that would constitute a massive upgrade from last year. Although, between Jendrik and S!sters, I have zero faith in Germany to select the right entry, so I guess we’ll have to see what they end up with.

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